We have talked about the Olympus E-M1 rumor that a new firmware update would bring 4K video before, and today, we have an update on that for you.


According to the screenshot that you see above, which is supposedly a snapshot of the E-M1 video menu, you can see 4K as an option. Horribly blurry images aside, we also have more details about what the firmware update – which is expected to be announced this upcoming Monday – will include, and it’s quite expansive.

slr-lounge-olympus-om-d e-m1

Rumored E-M1 Firmware Version 2 Details

  • Higher Bitrate (similar to the GH4, also for the 1080p too)
  • 4K + the usual FullHD, HD recording mode
  • Slow motion mode at 240fps and 120fps
  • New codec (Panasonic patent, AVC-I-U)
  • Framerate control (24p,25p,30p,50p,60p, including the slow motion one)
  • Updated ColourCreator
  • FullHD 4:2:2 in MJPEG mode too
  • Uncompressed HDMI with 4K support
  • More manual control during recording mode
  • Better mic control
  • UHS-2 support (improvement of the UHS support)
  • Improvement of the Wifi control (including a live control)
  • A lot of picture improvement and art filter update (composite, etc…)

As you can see, this is a pretty big firmware update. 4K is obviously the headlining update, but there are some other notable additions as well such as Slow Motion at 140 and 240fps, and FullHD in 4:2:2 in MJPEG mode.

I am pretty excited to see what actually comes of this update. It will be cool to see if all of these awesome updates are actually a part of it.


What are your thoughts on this firmware update? Do you think it has the potential to make the E-M1 a better option on today’s market? Leave a comment below!

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