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Leaked Screen Of Olympus E-M1 Firmware Confirms 4K Addition

By Anthony Thurston on September 13th 2014

We have talked about the Olympus E-M1 rumor that a new firmware update would bring 4K video before, and today, we have an update on that for you.


According to the screenshot that you see above, which is supposedly a snapshot of the E-M1 video menu, you can see 4K as an option. Horribly blurry images aside, we also have more details about what the firmware update – which is expected to be announced this upcoming Monday – will include, and it’s quite expansive.

slr-lounge-olympus-om-d e-m1

Rumored E-M1 Firmware Version 2 Details

  • Higher Bitrate (similar to the GH4, also for the 1080p too)
  • 4K + the usual FullHD, HD recording mode
  • Slow motion mode at 240fps and 120fps
  • New codec (Panasonic patent, AVC-I-U)
  • Framerate control (24p,25p,30p,50p,60p, including the slow motion one)
  • Updated ColourCreator
  • FullHD 4:2:2 in MJPEG mode too
  • Uncompressed HDMI with 4K support
  • More manual control during recording mode
  • Better mic control
  • UHS-2 support (improvement of the UHS support)
  • Improvement of the Wifi control (including a live control)
  • A lot of picture improvement and art filter update (composite, etc…)

As you can see, this is a pretty big firmware update. 4K is obviously the headlining update, but there are some other notable additions as well such as Slow Motion at 140 and 240fps, and FullHD in 4:2:2 in MJPEG mode.

I am pretty excited to see what actually comes of this update. It will be cool to see if all of these awesome updates are actually a part of it.


What are your thoughts on this firmware update? Do you think it has the potential to make the E-M1 a better option on today’s market? Leave a comment below!

[via 43 Rumors]

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  1. Paul Monaghan

    Sounds pretty awesome.

    I wish more company’s were so keen to update and add features in firmware.

    | |

    this firmware update is really awesome

    | |
  3. Herm Tjioe

    This is indeed a great firmware update, even if it hits most of the stated leaks. This adds worry for me that staying in Canon camp becomes harder and harder, having a penchant for these 4K mirrorless wonders

    | |
  4. Isaak Kwok

    Will look out for the firmware update. But not a big user of video on my camera.

    | |
  5. Austin Swenson

    While I am curious what 4K would actually look like coming out of my A7, I think that I would like to get the right codec for 4k that I can grade down and change a bit in post instead of just a bland, generic 4K, so I’m wondering what it would look like out of the EM-1.

    When it all comes down to it, you want 4K in a camera because of the quality of the video and for what you can do with it, but we’ll have to see if the 4K option is even going to be worth having in this firmware update for olympus. Maybe Sony had it right in needing to attach to an external recorder to get the best quality.

    | |
    • Peter McWade

      I use my BlackMagic Hyperdeck Shuttle 2 to get my 4k out of my Sony A7r and my Canon. Sony works best. HDMI in either Apple ProRes 422 or 10bit Uncompressed. Uncompressed works fine but has huge files for post correction work. ProRes is great in Final Cut Pro and gives great files that need less correction but excellent range if I need to correct. The external setup is bulky and cumbersome. Having 4K in camera would be great. Just need a large card. My setup uses a large 480gig SSD drive. If the Hyperdeck had a large battery it would be much easier to use on the go.

      | |
  6. Peter McWade

    Time for Sony to step up to in camera 4k recording for all three A7 models. Id pick up one of those 512k SD cards if Sony ponies up to in camera 4k. I’d love it for my A7R.

    | |