Grand prize winner – Cedric Blanchon – image screen captured from video below

When I first started shooting with a DSLR, I always told myself, “I’m going to carry this thing wherever I go.” After a few lens purchases and as my gear bag evolved, that idea quickly dissolved. A few 14 hour wedding days, trudging through sandy beaches and walking up cliffs to get that perfect shot, makes carrying that 8 pound DSLR (along with a few bags of other gear) less appealing. Don’t get me wrong, I still love to take personal pictures with my kit setup, but I reserve it for special occasions. These days I rely on my mobile phone.

They say,

The best camera is the one you have on you.

The mobile photographers in the video below show us exactly what that means. With most of us carrying cell phones equipped with cameras, mobile photography has experienced a boom. Daniel Burman, an avid mobile photographer, is the man responsible for establishing the Mobile Photography Awards. The event celebrates stunning photographs taken and edited with only a mobile phone. The featured image above is one of the grand prize winning images taken by Cedric Blanchon. His work has caught viral attention because of the surrealism he’s able to produce.


Mobile Photography Awards exhibit – image screen captured from video below

Roger Clay, a mobile street photographer and 2nd place winner, explains how he enjoys the ‘hunt’ for the right moment to capture a visually entertaining image. He also gives some tips on how he creates his award winning images and gives us his secret apps he uses to produce the effects he applies to his work.

2nd place winner Roger Clay – image screen captured from video below

As you check out the video below, remind yourself that these images were captured and edited using only a mobile phone. They were never transferred to a desktop and never post processed with professional imaging software. Pretty impressive!

via iso1200 / video created by SGNL by Sony