Shooting in direct sun can present a number of challenges for a photographer as direct sunlight creates harsh shadows, a lot of contrast that highlights imperfections, and creates hotspots. All of that is a recipe for images of people that are not flattering.

Of course you could avoid the areas you actually want to shoot in and seek out shade, but that’s also not preferable and that means you’re much more limited on what and where you can shoot. There are, however, ways around it, and in this video I’ll show you how to shoot where you want, unrestricted from the need to find shade, by creating the right lighting solutions anywhere you are.

There are various solutions and set-ups that you can use to control the harsh sun, and they can be done using either reflectors, strobes, silks, or some combination of the three.

If you like to move around with minimal gear you can learn to use the sun as a key light and bounce fill back into your subject for an open look with a simple reflector, or you can use a scrim like a SunBounce Sun-Swatter for a softbox-like look in the open sun, or use a strobe to overpower it. The options are there and you don’t need much to take great images in harsh sunlight.

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