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By Christopher Lin on September 15th 2016

Welcome to our Recreating Golden Hour Special Effects Workshop! Getting bright and beautiful golden hues around sunrise/sunset for your wedding and engagement photography is ideal, but often the timing of the day or weather conditions just don’t work out.

In this course, we will take you through the problem-solving process of some of our live-shoots where we were working under unfavorable conditions and forced to make the best of our situations. With the combination of in-camera settings, off-camera flash, foreground elements and post-production techniques, we will take you through each photo and show you how you can achieve similar effects in your portraiture.

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Concepts Covered

Recreating golden hour using a full strobe – In this section, we teach you how to use a full strobe to create a golden hour look during an actual Indian wedding when the sun has already set.

Using flash to mimic the sun indoors – See how adding using flash to mimic the sun can add interest to a scene.


Using LED lights to enhance existing flares – See how using foreground elements can enhance the Golden Hour look.  We demonstrate with bridal portraits but the same technique can be applied to all types of photography.


Enhance golden hour effects in post production – See how a few simple techniques in Lightroom can boost your flares and enhance your golden hour look.


Discount: 25%
URL: Purchase Here
Expiration: 9/30/2016

Of course, you can also stream this tutorial live from any device.


01. Which Gear To Use When Recreating Golden Hour
02. Challenges That Arise from Recreating Golden Hour
03. Camera & Flash Power Settings for Recreating Golden Hour
04. Applying Flares in Lightroom to Recreate The Sun
05. Lightroom Processing & Photoshop Retouch for Recreating Golden Hour Effects

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  1. Eric Snyder

    Digi Bee 800 with orange gel to recreate the golden hour look

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    Thank you.

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    Do you have to be a premium member to purchase this? I clicked the link to purchase and it takes me to a general page with links to other recent articles.

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