The latest Sandisk Extreme Pro memory cards are now available for purchase or pre-order. These latest cards are capable of speeds of up to 280MB/s, which is absolutely nuts if you ask me!


The 16GB and 32GB cards are now available for purchase and are in stock at B&H, while the 64GB is currently available for pre-order. If you are into any sort of  4K video production, or maybe if you like to dabble with MagicLantern RAW recording on your Canon DSLR, then these are the cards that you want.

They aren’t just good for video though, these are also great cards for any who needs their images out of their buffer and onto the card ASAP – which is most event and sports photographers. The quicker the information gets out onto your card, the quicker there is more room in your buffer for another image, so speed is everything. At some point you will hit your cameras write limit, but having the fastest cards possible helps to insure that you can write at your cameras max speed, getting the best performance out of your body as possible.

Sandisk ExtremePro UHS-II SD Cards

What do you think about these new cards? Do you have a use for cards this fast? Share your thoughts in a comment below!