Sony A7R Shutter Slap IssuesLong lens shooters might want to think twice before splashing out on the Sony A7R unless you’ve got access to some premium timber. It seems like the latest DIY accessory for the Sony A7R  is a choice block of wood. The purpose of this hi-tech approach to image stabilization is to counteract the now notorious ‘shutter slap’ of the Sony A7R, which causes major vibration when shooting through a long telephoto lens.

As a Sony A7R user, I’ve found the camera to have more than a few quirks, but I mostly shoot with wide angle lenses so this particular problem hasn’t been too much of an issue for me. Wildlife photographers, however, will find this to be a serious drawback, unless they get busy with some timber and a saw. There’s a detailed article by Joseph Holmes over at Sony Alpha Rumors where you can view examples of the shutter vibration during long lens shooting as well as tips on how to fix the problem with the right sized block of wood.

Sony A7R Shutter Slap - Problem Solved

Due to the small size and light weight of the A7R, the shutter mechanism produces more vibration than the CANON 5d mKII with it’s heavy body and mirror. Sometimes small isn’t always better.

I’m guessing however, that once I’ve shelled out for the extra battery grip and plugged in two batteries, the problem may well be fixed, although it’ll cost significantly more than a DIY block of wood. With the ‘shutter shock’ issue and the short battery life of the Sony A7R, it’s almost certain that most users will be coughing up those extra dollars for the battery grip – clever Sony.

Note: I obviously Photoshopped the log you see in the featured image but if you’d like to order your very own log, I do a nice line in Cedar and Fir.

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