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Latest Nikon D5 Rumors Point to 4K Video & Native High ISO over 100,000

By Anthony Thurston on June 22nd 2015

It has been fairly quiet on the Nikon rumor front lately, but this morning, some big news has dropped, pointing us in the possible direction that Nikon will be taking on their upcoming D5 flagship camera.


According to the report over on Nikon Rumors, the upcoming Nikon D5 will feature 4K video recording and could have a native high ISO option of 102,400. All of this would be possible thanks to a new 20MP sensor and brand new Expeed image processor.

Rumored Nikon D5 Specs

  • New 20MP FX sensor
  • 4k video
  • 173 autofocus points
  • Native high ISO of 102,400
  • 15 fps
  • Body design similar to the D4s

The rumor goes on to say that the new D5 is expected to be announced sometime late this year or early in 2016. The specs seem to indicate that the new D5 would be quite an improvement over the current D4 models and its limited video options and 16MP sensor.

The thing I am most curious about is that new 20MP sensor. Sony has supplied most of Nikon’s sensors for their latest releases, but with Sony’s recent push into mirrorless full frame cameras, and they are now in direct competition with Nikon. Perhaps Nikon will make this sensor on their own.

It will be interesting to see how that plays out. The D5, if these specs hold up, sounds like a killer flagship camera, though 20MP seems a bit modest by today’s standards. What do you all think?

[via Nikon Rumors]


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Anthony Thurston is a photographer based in the Salem, Oregon area specializing in Boudoir. He recently started a new project, Fiercely Boudoir to help support the growing boudoir community. Find him over on Instagram. You may also connect with him via Email.

Q&A Discussions

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  1. Dave Haynie

    Not surprised to see 4K make the list. Everyone else who’s not Canon and wants a share of “still camera” video is going for that, because Canon doesn’t seem to be motivated to bring higher spec video to anything below a 1D C.

    It’ll also be interesting to see what they did in the sensor. Nikon has traditionally designed their high end sensors, dating back to an age when that was the only way to get a high end sensor. But with Sony moving backside illumination into full frame, it won’t be long before a super low-light model, which is going to include any Nikon or Canon flagship, is going to be well behind that curve without that technology. I wonder if the in-house sensor works can keep up.

    One difference between Canon and Nikon is that Canon has its own chip fab, and by many accounts, one that’s behind the times compared to Sony, Samsung, or Panasonic. Nikon doesn’t own a sensor fab, so they’re using some outside fab (rumored to be Sony, given the close relationship, but it could be another, or perhaps they have different chips at different fabs). Extra cost, but far more likely to be capable of state-of-the-art work. And of course, that’s the model of much of the mainstream semiconductor industry. Qualcomm, nVidia, AMD, Broadcom, etc. don’t have their own fabs.

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  2. Scott Kretschmann

    Honestly, most images today are viewed on phones. Even for a 24×36 canvas though, you can make that look awesome with a 12mp image. The only real reason you need more is for cropping. I’ll take better dynamic range and lower noise over more megapixels any day.

    | |
    • J. Dennis Thomas

      I was printing 20X30’s all day long with my D100 & D70 back in the day. I still have prints hanging and they look great. I like more resolution, but not much more is really needed. 16MP on my D4/Df and 18MP on my M9-P are perfectly fine for me.

      The reason they keep MPs low is because these are sports cameras. Built for speed. The high MP D810 is the studio/landscape camera and if you want vertical shooting buy the grip. It’s really a good situation because the D3X was ridiculously expensive and they replaced it with a camera that’s much better at less than 1/2 the cost.

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    • adam sanford

      Spot on about the D4S’s identity as a speed camera. I imagine D4S users would rather have more FPS than more megapixels.

      Canon suffers (in comparison) by our equivalent 1D line having two distinctly different camps — the reach/speed/buffer/AF obsessed folks and the studio/landscape shooters — being served by *one* camera today. Sports/wildlife guys are generally happy with the 1DX, but the studio/landscape camp is bent out of shape that they may have to ‘downgrade’ to the 5DS rigs to get that high MP count sensor — they really want those 5DS sensors in a 1D body. (Due to some Canonanigans, a 1D rig is more than just an integral grip, and they don’t want to give that up.)

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    • J. Dennis Thomas


      I was looking over at the kooks on Nikon Rumors and there’s a huge debate about the “need” for a D4X/D5X. It just seems that some people feel like they NEED a built-in grip. Apparently there’s still that “my camera is bigger and more expensive and therefore I’m better” mentality lingering. I guess some “pros” can’t fathom going into a wedding where one of the guests might have a D800 as well.

      Personally I’ve always liked the gripped cameras, it’s like a convertible. You can use the grip if you know your’e going to be shooting a lot of portrait oriented stuff or a big tele lens, or you can take it off for general stuff so you don’t break your neck.

      Now that I have a D4 and a Df I rarely use the D4 except for sports. I’ve come to terms with the lack of grip and I actually don’t mind it any more.

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    • adam sanford

      JDennis, you have an awesome open mind about it and I agree — the grip shouldn’t define the value of the camera or its usefulness.

      Canonites have (I think) a fairly legit beef over ‘1D being more than the grip’:

      * Greater than twice the throughput any way you slice it — FPS, buffer, etc.

      * Absurdly, 1D has exclusive features that are deliberately withheld from the 5D line. The 1D is the only Canon line that has spot metering at any AF point. Further, the 1D allows for interchangeable focus screens and takes voice annotation, whereas the the more recent 5D rigs do not. (I don’t think those are essential, but some folks insist on that stuff.)

      * The 1D cameras are simply a cut above for ruggedness and sealing. My 5D3 is built for general abuse and rough handling, but the 1DX is built for war/deluge/drops.

      | |
    • J. Dennis Thomas

      Well to be fair, Nikon has gone down the same route, the D3 and D700 were about 90% identical. Great choice if you wanted bullet-proof with grip (D3) or rugged with optional grip (D700). I had one of each. I still have my D700. It’s an awesome camera still.

      When the D4s came out the successor to the D700 was expected to be the same. But there was no replacement. They thinned down the line. Fast and big with few MPs or small and slow with high MPs and option grip (with no extra speed burst as the D700/D300 offered with it’s grip).

      There never was a compact pro alternative to the D4. The D750 is merely a D650. Sorry, but that camera layout is not designed with a pro in mind. *yes I know many pros use it*, but it will never be as good as the D700 layout.

      The D4 is more rugged than the D800 body, but not by a huge margin. I think if the D800 lost the flash it would be just as rugged. Similar to the F6, which was Nikon’s first contemporary compact body pro camera with optional grip.

      I think the Canon users are getting severely F’d if they gimp the 5D models that badly. Spot metering tied to an AF point only in the top of the line? Damn, Nikon’s oldest and cheapest DSLRs had that option.

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  3. Moise Oiknine

    I’m curious to see how this new processor will affect the next in line for the 810. If they can get just 2 more fps then the 700 replacememt will be finally here. Now we start to save. No need to spend the extra 2K plus high priced batteries and Qxd cards.

    | |
    • J. Dennis Thomas

      I wouldn’t hold my breath on a new processor. See my comment above about how Nikon breaks in processors.

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  4. J. Dennis Thomas

    Also, consider the source of this “rumor”. I’d bet my Leica kit this is simply SPECULATION from the admin of NR because of very slow Nikon based news.

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    • Chuck Eggen

      Well, the D5 is on schedule as far as the Flagship series goes. I started my upgrade saving fund a while back in anticipation of this camera. Didn’t jump on the D4s in hopes the D5 would come out this year. Maybe I’ll get my wish.

      | |
    • J. Dennis Thomas

      I mean how hard is it to predict the D-series timeline and it’s incremental upgrades? I could have put these specs out for the D5 the day after the D4s was announced.

      Although I do think 173 AF points is a bit ambitious for a prediction. It’d take you 45 minutes to maneuver through the points using Single Point AF!

      | |
    • J. Dennis Thomas

      Another thing, Nikon has NEVER put a brand new processor in a flagship camera. They always start with the D5000 series and add tweaks as they move it up the chain. The D5 won’t have a brand new processor unless they put an EXPEED 6 in the D5500 successor. That *might* happen, but I highly doubt it.

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  5. J. Dennis Thomas

    Sony has never supplied Nikon with sensors for the flagship D cameras. They have all been sourced by Nikon.

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  6. Kevin Cucci

    Adam. Your comments are always so right, that I am actually starting to take advice from you vicariously through them haha. “Oh Adam approves, this is a good lens to get.” “Adam isn’t impressed… I’ll wait it out haha”

    | |
  7. adam sanford

    I’m not convinced Sony is stealing many folks from the 1DX/D4S camp.

    This sector of the SLR market will be the very very very very very last tier of shooter to migrate to mirrorless — if they do *at all*.

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  8. Paul Empson

    24mp is about perfect for me.. 20 should be fine though an I’m even looking… optimisticly at a 2nd hand D4s.. the expeed 4 processor is just excellent.. if they have improved on that is be very interested to see the results..

    I’ve used mirror less cameras and they have some advantages but its always my DSLRs I use for important and tough jobs.. where I absolutely need the shots first time.

    eager anticipation for the D5..

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