Recently, Pye took a trip out to South Carolina to create a new Lightroom workshop with his friends over at Fstoppers.  While there, they decided to battle it out (again) in another photographer challenge.  Hilariousness ensues as you watch them banter, troubleshoot and work under pressure.

The Video

In the challenge video, Pye Jirsa, Lee Morris, and Mike Kelley battle head-to-head to see who can take the best photograph in the studio. The challenge? One model, three different wardrobes, and 3 different lighting conditions.

The Rules

  • Each photographer had 30 minutes to complete 1 single photo submission
  • Each photographer had to photograph the same subject (Model Dana Robinson)
  • The photographers had 3 different wardrobe options
  • Lighting would be assigned to them at random (Profoto strobes, a variety of different LED constant lights, or natural light).
  • Photographer could use any camera system, gear, props, backdrops, or area of the studio.

The Results

Submission #1


Submission #2


Submission #3


Watch the video and vote for your favorite in the Youtube comments!

Previous Challenges

This isn’t the first time Pye and Lee have squared off.  If you love this kind of content and want to see more, here are a few other times they went at it:

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