In mid-November, Triggertrap sent out an invite beckoning all London photographers to be a part of a citywide crowdsourced timelapse of a single day. The call was answered by more than 40 photographers from across the city resulting in the short, LapseLondon.


Featuring 35,000 images and 80 clips, this one-of-a-kind event gives a comprehensive glimpse at the hustle and bustle within the city. As the sun rose over London, you can see the internal workings of the city come to life; trains move by Battersea Power Station, commuters making their way through King’s Cross, and double-decker buses barrel down Oxford street.

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London is one of the places that makes a perfect canvas for which an event like this could unfold. “A still photograph of a city is unnatural by definition,” exclaims Haje Jan Kamps, CEO of Triggertrap, “Stuff never stands still. People move, thing move..” The life blood of any city is the people constantly moving, building, and shaping the environment around them.


Normally, we as photographers create art to be shown to a much broader audience, but most of the time, we work alone or in a small bubble. Just like the people of the city going about their day, they are a part of a larger whole even if they are oblivious to it. LapseLondon shows that different minds and styles can come together to create a better end goal.

[Via Triggertrap Vimeo / Images screen captures]