cover-landscapes-cityscapes-ebookYou’re on your vacation visiting some gorgeous national park or a dazzling cityscape in the middle of a big city somewhere in the Western Hemisphere. You’re lugging around the essentials of your kit – everything you need to take calendar-worthy photos of the beauty that surrounds you, when you look around, and twenty other people have the same idea. Your challenge is to figure out a way to take a photograph of the Eiffel Tower, Old Faithful, Times Square or any other tourist attraction and not have it look the exact same as every other person’s vacation photo. So how do you do that?

You could learn it as I did – scouring the web for tutorials and learning from trial and error  – or you could check out this eBook from PictureCorrect. Landscapes, Cityscapes, and Photography Tricks is an in-depth book filled with tips and techniques on a variety of topics to help you create stunning landscape and cityscape images. Within the 274 pages of the book are tips on mastering challenging lighting situations, and even tips on photographing star trails and light painting.

The book is broken down into four sections: Landscapes, Cityscapes, Post-Processing and Editing and Photography Tricks along with an introduction. The Introduction section talks briefly about gear, cameras, lenses, tripods, and filters as well as basics such as aperture, ISO, exposure bracketing, etc., making this an appropriate book for amateurs who want to learn the basics and for pros who want to expand their knowledge in landscapes/cityscapes.


Section 1: Landscapes

Each chapter is about 1-3 pages long and full of information, peppered with stunning images related to the topic. Starting with the Golden Hours, the techniques and tips are broken down into bite-sized chunks that are easily digestible and easy to read. I really enjoyed this type of layout since I like to stop and practice each concept before moving on, plus my attention span is short. One of my favorite chapters in this section is Waterfalls. This chapter gives some really great tips on shooting waterfalls, what filters to use, and how to capture that gorgeous movement in the water.


Section 2: Cityscapes

I love shooting in New York City at night after it has rained and Times Square is still bustling with activity. There’s just so much to shoot – from the tall skyscrapers to the colorful signs and people milling about; it is veritable eye candy for a cityscape photographer. In this section, the book takes you around the world to offer tips on everything from approaching people on the street when doing street photography, shooting in inclement weather, abiding by the photography laws in a foreign country, and a lot more. The chapter I found to be most valuable is the one on tripods and what to do if you cannot bring your tripod with you; that situation is becoming more common these days in overpopulated tourist areas and busy areas.

cityscape-before-afterSection 3: Post-Processing and Editing

Now that you’ve taken the images and are ready to load them up into Lightroom or Photoshop, what should you do with them? Section 3 of Landscapes, Cityscapes, and Photography Tricks talks about processing a raw image in Photoshop or Lightroom and gives various HDR techniques. Also included are 10 presets developed especially for landscape and cityscapes with instructions on how to install and use them.

Section 4: Photography Tricks

This final section is full of fun and creative ideas. It’ll show you how to get started in light painting, including how to use steel wool for some seriously explosive shots; shooting panoramas, and turning them into a tiny planet; levitation photography; shooting long exposures and star trails; using a fisheye; Infrared photography, time-lapse, and more. I’ve always wanted to try steel wool light painting for the fun of it, and the technique is broken down step-by-step in this section. This is a great section for those of you who have been wanting to do some tricks with your photography and try some new, creative ideas.


infrared-landscape light-painting-lake lightning-photography

Pros and Cons of the Landscapes, Cityscapes, & Photography Tricks eBook


  • Concise, a great overview
  • Easy-to-read
  • Covers a multitude of subjects, tips, and tricks
  • Full of information geared toward the amateur and semi-pro photographer
  • Images are stunning


  • PDF format (I prefer ePub, personally)
  • (Honestly, I don’t have any more cons. It’s a steal at $49 – discounted right now for their launch)

Get Your Copy of Landscapes, Cityscapes, and Photography Tricks

Landscapes, Cityscapes, and Photography Tricks is in a PDF format, so you download it immediately and can read it anywhere on most mobile devices. It is also 50% off right now through the rest of August to celebrate its launch, bringing the price to only $49. If you’re unhappy with it, you have a 30-day money back guarantee. If you’re a beginning photographer or even a pro, I encourage you to pick up this great resource and try out some new tricks. Get yours now, here.