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Landmark: The Fields of Photography

By Ruth Dunn on March 22nd 2013

Edward Burtynsky. Nickel Tailings no.34.

Edward Burtynsky. Nickel Tailings no.34.

A new exhibition at London’s Somerset House explores our changing planet through the perspectives of 70 highly regarded photographers from around the world.

“Landmark: The Fields of Photography” is the first exhibition of its kind to showcase both the harsh realities and enduring beauty of our changing environment. Though we are often faced with images of the environment and climate change in the news, the images in this show artfully capture unique, breathtaking and fascinating perspectives of our planet.

More than 130 original works of art are featured in this exhibition, captured using a variety of technologies including 19th Century plate-camera techniques, planes, drones, robots and satellites.

Daniel Beltra, Antartica 2, 2007.

Daniel Beltra, Antartica 2, 2007.

William A. Ewing, the show’s curator says:

“Landscape has been and remains one of the most powerful forms of photography, and is even more so in a world which is changing so fast we can hardly keep up. Rising seas, melting glaciers, the ozone hole, desertification, coastal cities under threat – we add to the list everyday. And photographers everywhere are grappling with these problems, creating brilliant pictures which put a vivid face on otherwise abstract issues. These images range from the sublime to the ridiculous; photographers are on the front lines – our eyes and ears. But they also remind us to slow down and appreciate the beauty of the world – often where we least expect it”.

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Some major names in photography you can look out for in “Landmark: The Fields of Photography” include: Mitch Epstein, Nadav Kander, Robert Adams, Simon Norfolk, Hiroshi Sugimoto, Lee Friedlander, Simon Roberts, Toshio Shibata, Robert Polidori.

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Ruth is a Brisbane based journalist specialising in articles about visual art, photography, design and fashion. Co-founder of Raw Ink magazine, she enjoys uncovering interesting and unique events, issues and people to write about.

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