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Lamar Odom and Kayne West Lose Their Cool with Paparazzi

By Jules Ebe on July 24th 2013


There’s a limit to the amount of paparazzi a celebrity can take, and it would appear that Lamar Odom and Kanye West have reached theirs.

According to the Los Angeles Times, former Lakers and Clippers forward, Lamar Odom, is being investigated by LAPD in relation to a paparazzo encounter either this month. Apparently, one paparazzo approached his car and began asking questions concerning rumors that Odom had cheated on his wife, Khloe Kardashian.

A cool interchange eventually went haywire, with Odom manhandling camera equipment and damaging another car.

Lamar Odom Attacks Paparazzi, Smashes Camera Equipment

LAX turned into another confrontation zone when eyewitnesses state Kanye was leaving the terminal with a bodyguard when approximately five paparazzi surrounded him, snapping pictures. The witness claims one photographer was especially aggressive and probed Kanye with tons of questions.

During the interaction Kanye told the man not to ask him questions, and then attempted to take the camera from the man. West is now being charged with robbery in relation to the confrontation.

Kanye West Charged with Robbery Over LAX Confrontation

So what are your thoughts on the recent celebrity/paparazzi clashes?

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Image Credits: Associated Press / Source Magazine


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  2. Lasse

    Best was the woman aproching him .. getting hs basecap from his head but he kept cool … but smashing gear .. but dont you lock your cars ???

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  3. Jk

    Aaron Best,
    Whenever you have to use your “Rights” to get your shot, you propably already gone too far. You dont have the Rights to harassment of people, here a known person.
    It is pure lame to play the victim after the harassment turned too far.
    Everybody have the right to not being treated with harassment.

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  4. Aaron Best

    They have the right to take pictures. If the celebs don’t want to be bothered, best thing to do is remain calm, walk into their car and just drive away. Or pop some poses make some fun out of it, take it light heartily.

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  5. Charles

    Isn’t Kanye West’s 15 minutes of fame up yet?

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