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Lake Of Dreams | 7 Minutes Of Cinema & Photographic Wonder

By Kishore Sawh on August 25th 2014


Earlier this year, we featured a photo series from the Burning Man festival. It was a series shot in a very journalistic manner, that happened to seize the sense of surreality that Burning Man brings. There was copious use of negative space, there was a hint of romance, and the overall feel of the project was somewhat mysterious – photographic sleight of hand to veil the parts of the festival that are commonly featured, in order to highlight the parts that aren’t. In a complete mirror of that project, that’s equally mysterious and beautiful, but showing the directly flipped side of Burning Man, lays ‘Lake Of Dreams.’

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It’s a sort of timelapse/hyperlapse/video reel that captures the magnitude, madness, and grandeur that the last project avoided. Granted these are the parts that are most often associated with Burning Man, but seeing them this way, on this scale, sort of shows a depth and brings an understanding that other videos and photos of the festival just haven’t come close to. The sheer breadth of the sequences, the vastness of the shots, and the artistic stringing together of it all makes for something special.


Whether this was something meticulously planned and foreseen by creator Roy Two Thousand and contributors August Winkelman and Connor McNeil, or if it was a happy happenstance, is irrelevant, but it seems too good to be anything but the product of careful planning and execution. At seven minutes long, it’s amazing that in that time, you won’t be bored, and the music, also by Roy, just ties it all together. See more from Roy Two Thousand at his Vimeo profile and his site.

Source: PetaPixel, Images are screen captures from featured video

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  1. Rafael Steffen

    Just amazing! Thanks so much for sharing this great vídeo. Amazing colors

    | |
  2. Isaak Kwok

    Amazing! To me, it’s the photos that tell the story and the timelapse or hyperlapse is just the sweetener. :)

    | |