Lady Gaga, no stranger to controversy and outrageous statements, spoke her mind last night at Glamour Magazine’s Women of the Year Awards. In a bold move, (or a typical Lady Gaga move, I suppose), the singer criticized the magazine for their gratuitous use of Photoshop on her December 2013 cover.

Known for her outlandish styles and unconventional fashion statements, Gaga took to the stage to accept her award and remind everyone about her platform of non conformity – as if her overly teased wild blonde wig, white eyeliner, all white outfit and sky high platforms didn’t emphasize it enough already. In reference to the December cover and the subsequent photos in the article, Gaga stated,

I felt my skin looked too perfect. I felt my hair looked too soft. I do not look like this when I wake up in the morning…

She continued by saying, “I don’t even look like this,” in reference to her eccentric outfit for the evening:

Gaga scolded the magazine for “tweaking” and “smoothing” images which causes damaging effects on the young people who see them en masse. She then urged any young people that were listening to “fight back against the forces that make them feel like they’re not beautiful.” In a room full of Glamour editors, staff and higher ups – basically, the people that makes the decision to Photoshop models into unrealistic looking Barbie dolls,¬† Lady Gaga called for magazines to change:

It is fair to write about the change in your magazines. But what I want to see is the change on your covers… When the covers change, that’s when culture changes.

Love her or hate her, I applaud her for her stance against the blatant use of Photoshop and her outspokenness on acceptance.

Last week during a Q&A, designer Karl Lagerfeld also had this to say about Photoshop,

[We are] easily in a period of over-retouching… Some models [end up] look[ing] as if they are coming out of a funeral parlor, all life taken out of the face, I hate that.

With stars starting to speak out more and more against airbrushing, do you think magazines will start to listen? I’d love to know your thoughts.

[via @Huffington Post/Images via @Glamour]