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‘Kingsman: The Golden Circle’ Edited On DaVinci Resolve Studio | Non-Studio Is Still Free

By Justin Heyes on October 3rd 2017

From the initial green light to the actual public release, most full-length feature films can take up to four years of development and production, and much of that time is spent in the back end after the filming has been completed (or during), cutting the pieces together, and applying that film’s particular aesthetic. To do this production houses both large and small are turning to Blackmagic Design’s software, Davinci Resolve.

Resolve has nestled itself comfortably as the defacto standard in the industry for on-set color and post-production grading, and recently Blackmagic Design announced that DaVinci Resolve Studio was been used throughout the production and post-production on 20th Century Fox’s ‘Kingsman: The Golden Circle’.

And in case you weren’t aware, Davinci Resolve is free if you’re not going for the full Studio version, allowing you to bring much of this power to your personal projects, be it wedding films, or whatever.

Currently the #1 movie in the world, the film reunited cinematographer George Richmond with the Digital Imaging Technician Joshua Callis-Smith and Rob Pizzey, a Goldcrest senior colorist; who all worked together on the 2014 comic book adaption.


Rob Pizzey, who has used DaVinci Resolve Studio to color grade ‘Jason Bourne’ and ‘Me Before You’, explained:

“‘Kingsman: The Golden Circle’ was a much bigger proposition than ‘Kingsman: The Secret Service,’ with more ambitious VFX shots as well as an HDR deliverable to consider. Along with the fact that we were delivering multiple HDR versions including Dolby Vision for theatrical and HDR10 for domestic viewing, we also had a larger number of VFX set pieces, all of which Resolve handled smoothly.” 

Resolve Studio allowed the in-house team at Goldcrest to turn around any edit changes and visual effects updates that took place quickly and efficiently. Callis‑Smith went on to add the ‘Golden Circle’ wanted to maintain the same overall feel and pace of the first film while having its own unique look.

The DIT cart on set incorporated a Blackmagic UltraStudio 4K with multiple SmartScope Duo 4K preview monitors. The color grade was completed in DaVinci Resolve with the help of look-up tables (LUTs) created by Pizzey ahead of time.


“Our color pipeline has certainly evolved since the first ‘Kingsman,’ we all worked on together, but one piece of the puzzle has remained the same: DaVinci Resolve. Resolve was central to the successful delivery of post production on ‘Kingsman: The Golden Circle.’ Using it ensured color management remained consistent throughout the entire editorial pipeline, from DIT through to the final results,” Pizzey remrked.

‘Kingsman: The Golden Circle’ is currently in theaters now. To find out more about DaVinci Resolve or to try the program for yourself click here. The full press release from Blackmagic Design can be found here.

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