Tonight I wanted to feature a new kickstarter project from the creators of the Aviator Travel Jib, its called the Red Rocket Travel Slider. Traditional Dollies are big, bulky, and can take over an hour to setup. Traditional camera sliders are simple and easy, but if you want varying length slider shots you need to purchase several slider lengths that can add up to thousands of dollars.

This is where the Red Rocket comes in, it is designed to be light and portable – and it works perfectly on EMT pipes which are available at most hardware stores for very cheap. For just $13 you can have up to 10 feet of slider space, or even several smaller lengths.

The reception that this has already received is really impressive, the Red Rocket Kickstarter fully was funded in less than 8 hours. It is currently, at the time of this writing, siting at almost double the projects original goal. At only $425 for the basic Red Rocket kit, this is within reach of any amateur filmmaker. If you are looking to instantly up your production value and create professional looking dolly shots then I highly recommend that you head on over to the Kickstarter page to learn more about this project.