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How To Keep Your Camera Safe From Theft

By Jules Ebe on June 14th 2013

We love to capture moments in high-quality photographs so an SLR camera can be a precious asset and a worthwhile investment. Unfortunately, SLR cameras are also a prime target for thieves. To protect your camera, follow these four tips:


Be Discreet

While you may be proud of your precious camera, resist the temptation to advertise it. Thieves are always on the lookout for high-value equipment. In fact, cameras were one of the most frequently stolen gadgets in 2012.

Carry your SLR in a bag that does not have the brand name on it. Also, make sure your neck strap is without a logo. A logo will signal to thieves that you are a newbie SLR owner which can label you as a target to them. Consider buying a small lock to put on your bag when you go places. It will prevent anyone from slyly slipping away with your camera while the bag itself stays securely slung on your shoulder. While you must stay aware of possible theft, being nervous about it is not necessary either and is definitely not a good idea. If you cling to your camera and your posture portrays a lack of confidence, thieves will be more likely to notice you.

Know Exactly What Equipment You Have

If your camera does get stolen, the model number and a description are not enough to help you get it back. Write down the serial number and keep it in a secure place so you will be able to identify your camera beyond any doubt when it is recovered.

Permanently label your camera and the equipment that goes with it. Thieves are more likely to dump items with the owner’s name on them.

Act Quickly if Your Camera Does Get Stolen

Hopefully you have insured your camera to eliminate loss of money if it gets stolen. Still, the value of the camera is not just monetary, and it’s always preferable to recover the camera itself.

A website designed to help is, which helps you track down your camera by using data that is hidden in the photographs, which includes the make, model, and serial number of the camera. Stolencamerafinder searches the Internet for photos taken by your camera, and the site has had much success in tracking down stolen cameras. The sooner you start searching, the sooner you might get your camera back.

Protect Your Equipment at Home

When you are traveling is not the only time you need to stay on guard. Home invasions are all too common, and few things in a home attract attention like expensive camera equipment that will fetch a high price on the black market. A home security system will protect your SLR camera, your other belongings, and your family. At, you can find out more about a system to keep your home and possessions safe from theft.

If you are among those who love to collect precious moments in pictures, do not let your main tool for taking photographs be taken from you. A few simple precautions will go a long way toward making sure you keep your camera safe.


is a Southern California based Conceptual Artist and Photographer. Her work has been featured in several print publications and selections can be seen in local gallery exhibitions. Connect with her on Facebook and Google+.

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