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Kate Upton to Grace Cover of Vogue June 2013 Cover

By Anthony Thurston on May 11th 2013

I was excited to see that Kate Upton has been tapped by Photographer Mario Testino for the cover of Vogue US for the June 2013 edition. Kate is one of my favorite models, she is gorgeous and actually looks like a human and not a walking bag of bones.

That said, I found it funny that some people are labeling her as curvy. Is she a little heavier than a lot of other top models, sure. But I think it’s a pretty big stretch to call her curvy. I mean look at these pictures, I don’t see a curve on her.

Kate Upton Vogue US June 2013-001

Kate Upton Vogue US June 2013-002

Kate Upton Vogue US June 2013-004

Kate is beautiful and stunning, but it’s pretty sad in my opinion when someone who is in way better shape that 80% of the country has to be labeled as “curvy” because she is a size or two larger than the skinniest of skinny models. I know I’m sort of beating a dead horse here with the whole model size vs real people size argument. But I just had to say something about her being labeled as curvy by some people. I mean sure by model standards she has a few more curves, but in the real world I think I would consider her thin to average at best, no where near what I would call a curvy person in the real world.

Anyways, back to the topic at hand. Kate is on the cover of the upcoming edition of Vogue. The images were shot by photographer Mario Testino and I absolutely love them. They don’t look to be too overly processed either, which is nice. I especially like that one with her in the horizontal striped dress/swimsuit thing (I am obviously not a stylist or fashionista lol). She looks absolutely stunning! Checkout the rest of the images from her feature below, or go and pickup the latest edition of Vogue when it hits the streets.

Kate Upton Vogue US June 2013

Kate Upton Vogue US June 2013-003

Kate Upton Vogue US June 2013-006

Kate Upton Vogue US June 2013-007

Kate Upton Vogue US June 2013-008

Kate Upton Vogue US June 2013-009

[via Vogue]

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  1. Joseph Prusa

    Kate is very pretty

    | |
  2. Emylee Gussler

    It honestly depends on what you classify as curvy. She has a curvy figure in that she has a well defined waist, ample hip and bust ratio and you can’t see every bone and ligament. The term curvy has been used in the past to describe women like Marilyn Monroe, Bettie Paige, Sofia Loren and Elizabeth Taylor….however, in current society where the majority of the population (in the US anyway) is overweight or even obese, I think the term has been reclassified so as to provide a less “hurtful” and blunt description for larger women. So it is no surprise that people, Kate included, might take the description as calling her fat. Kate is not fat by any means. She does have a bit of a curvier build than the average model because she doesn’t have a boyish figure but a womanly one. She possesses the soft fluid curve of the hip and the bosom with a well defined waist that most women desire to have.

    | |
  3. Mark Dunlap

    Kate is has a beautiful face and generally slender figure (except for not being very well toned). The only thing I’ve seen that makes her “curvy” are big, giggly boobs. Quite frankly, there’s a lot of similarities between Kate and Brooklyn Decker, except that Decker appears to be a bit more toned overall.

    | |
  4. thq55

    Anthony, you should know better.

    Kate Upton is curvy. You have to remember that she is a model. Models are paid to have perfect figures. It is their job to constantly maintain their body, something a normal person doesn’t have the time or resources to do (so it is unfair to compare a normal person to them).

    When comparing her to other models, she is “curvy”. She does a relatively poor job maintaining her figure. Her weight also fluctuates a lot.

    All of the images that you say aren’t “post-processed” are post-processed beyond belief. This is why I said that you should know better. Nearly every image you’ve seen of Kate Upton has been massively edited. Even on the cover of the SI swimsuit issue, you can see where they did terraforming on her midsection; it’s so unbelievably edited that I actually wonder why they didn’t just send her home after seeing what shape she was in.

    She does not have the body shape to carry weight. She’s got proportionately stick thin legs, a very high and wide waist. She needs to be slender and stay that way to look good. Some women can carry more weight, she is not one of them.

    | |
    • Anthony Thurston

      I didn’t say that they weren’t post processed, just that they did not look to be to overly processed. big difference. Thanks for your feedback though. :)

      | |
    • thq55

      They’re overly processed.

      | |
    • Anthony Thurston

      That’s a matter of opinion. I disagree with you.

      | |
  5. Jason Kustra

    I’m not sure why you even bring up the question of her being “curvy”? Compared to most of America.. no, she isn’t. For the typical model standards, she definitely is and that’s not a bad thing.

    | |
    • Anthony Thurston

      I guess we can agree to disagree there. I do not consider her “curvy” at all. Ill admit that she has more shape than your average model, but curvy is not a word I would use to describe her in the slightest.

      | |
    • Joe Junblut

      if curvy means fat then no way!

      | |