A Message from Pye and Our Team: In Response to COVID-19

27 Sep 2020

If you would like to make a donation to SLR Lounge via Paypal or Credit Card, please click here.

Common Reasons to Contribute

Maybe you’d like to express your appreciation for all that you’ve learned from our free articles and resources. Or perhaps you’ve obtained the paid workshops from a friend or illegally. While we highly discourage illegal downloads, we do appreciate you helping us out with a donation to our “Karma Jar” if you’ve found the workshops helpful. We will never come after you or contact you to question your donation or your means of obtaining the workshop, so you have nothing to worry about in regards to legal repercussions.


  1. Samrat Mitra

    Dear SLR Lounge, I learnt a lot of things from the beautifully scripted videos in your Youtube channel & Photography 101 course i downloaded from torrent. I would have loved to purchase more entry level courses including this one, however the prices are too steep for the economy i live in (India). I am not a professional photographer, and its only my hobby, so i cannot afford to spend $100 upwards on a single set of tutorial. $10-15 range would have worked fine for me. Anyways i wanted to donate, but somehow i am unable to make international payments using debit card. I will try again later as you guys really deserve to be paid :) Keep up all the good work !

  2. Sreejit Sreedharan

    Are you sure the link works for international credit/debit cards? I tried to donate but the transactions failed for all of my cards (India).

    1. Samrat Mitra

      Yes same here. Paypal doesnt seem to accept normal debit cards for international payments.

  3. Titi Titsy

    Hey guys, I’m a poor student starting to build a career as a photographer. I’m sorry for getting the course illegally but I want to support you because I love what you are doing. May I only ask you to provide bitcoin address as well, so I can send you some bitcoins?

  4. Muhi Khwaja

    I love that this exists.

    1. Christopher Lin

      Thanks! In its history of existence, we’ve only received one donation, but there’s always hope for more! :)

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