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Jowling for a Kelly Moore Bag! Photo Contest

By Pye Jirsa on September 21st 2011


You know, with all the sizzle and glamour in the photography world I think we all forget from time to time that photography is supposed to be fun! So, we thought we would remind you all in this latest contest where you all will jowl your heads off to win a Kelly Moore Bag of your choice! Yeah, that’s right, you get to pick from any of the awesome bags on the Kelly Moore Bag Website

Now girls, this isn’t the time to worry about maintaining an image, this is time to elbow and claw your way (figuratively via jowling) to a Kelly Moore Bag. Men don’t worry, Kelly Moore does make bags for guys as well, so elbow and claw your hearts out as well.


How to Enter

1) Grab a camera and a buddy – You are going to need a friend for this. Someone needs to be laughing at you while you jowl… oh, and possibly take a picture of you here and there. If you don’t have a friend… well, that kinda sucks. So, feel free to use a remote trigger and a tripoded camera if you like. But come on, everyone has a friend and isn’t jowling more fun with a friend? Besides, you can make your friend enter the contest and if he/she wins, they can give you their bag! Of course, that would have to be a pretty fantastically awesome friend.

2) Jowl your face off (figuratively) – Start jowling like crazy as your friend, or remote trigger, is furiously snapping away capturing you in all of your jowling glory. We would recommend you use a shutter speed of at least 500th of a second in order to completely freeze your jowling beauty.

3) Submit your best jowl face and start gathering votes – Submit your favorite and most wacky jowling image to the contest on the SLR Lounge Facebook Page. Once you have submitted, start spamming them friends and family to vote for you! Just a heads up, each Facebook account can vote 1 time on an image per day. So if you have some really really good friends, you can potentially rack up nearly 10 votes from one person visiting and voting each day! Why is that? Well, it’s because the makers of our voting system made it that way and refuse to change it, boo! So, we need to level the playing field and make sure everyone knows how the system legitimately works. Anyway, the contest will last until the 30th of September and a winner will be announced on October 1st.

After reading the rules below, please submit your image on the SLR Lounge Facebook Page.

Rules and Conditions

1) Only one image entry is allowed per person. If more than one image is submitted, we will remove additional images submissions at our discretion. To qualify, your entry must be received by Friday, September 30th.

2) Those living outside of the United States may be subject to additional shipping and handling charges to ship your bag.

3) By submitting an photograph you are certifying that you the participant are the subject within the photograph, own all rights to the photograph, and agree to the contest rules and conditions.

4) Attempting to manipulate or take advantage of the contest or voting system in a method other than described above is not permitted. Attempts at doing so may disqualify your current submission, as well as your ability to participate in future contests.

5) Last and most importantly, let loose, get wild, and have fun! That’s what photography is all about anyway.



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