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It’s About The Journey, Not The Destination | Steve McCurry

By Chris Nachtwey on December 9th 2014

The title of this article sounds cliche; we have heard the phrase over and over again: in life it’s about the journey and not the destination that makes every moment memorable. You can say I’m a sap, but I honestly believe that’s the truth. For every chapter of my life, it’s the places, people, and moments that happen to get to the end of that chapter I tend to remember vs. the end itself. In photography, I have to say that the saying rings true no matter what genre of photography you shoot.


In the video below, photojournalist Steve McCurry, most well known for his image titled Afghan Girl published in National Geographic (trust me, you’ve seen the photo before), talks about how many times the best images come during your journey and not at the final destination.





I have loved Steve’s work for a long time. His images always feel powerful and can place a viewer back in the moment that Steve made the image. His words in the video are simple, yet powerful – very much like his iconic imagery. I particularly loved how he talked about taking time to leave his hotel and just immerse himself in the location he is in and many times, amazing images come from him just enjoying his surroundings and enjoying where he is. We live in a society that feels more connected then ever, yet at the same time so very much unconnected. Next time you’re walking around town or on assignment, take some time to actually stop and enjoy the journey. You might just create some of your best images yet.


Images captured via screen grab. 

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    Awesome video, photos and article, thanks for sharing. I think its true we FIND our best work when we LOSE ourselves in our environment.

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