“A successful portrait… you’re looking for something that might be unseen,” says Time Magazine portrait photographer Joe McNally. “A person and a place—they work together to tell a story.”

In this video brought to us by Nikon USA, Joe was tasked with shooting portraits for acclaimed fashion, beauty, and wedding photographer Jerry Ghionis—and Jerry was tasked with doing the EXACT SAME THING!

Portrait of a Photographer | Joe McNally & Jerry Ghionis

Joe McNally and Jerry Ghionis are two highly respected photographers in their field. McNally has shot portraits for Time Magazine, NatGeo, and Life Magazine among other successful photography editorials. Ghionis is a celebrated fashion, beauty, and wedding photographer.

Both are internationally acclaimed Nikon ambassadors, and recently, they both got a call from Nikon USA to shoot a portrait session of each other using the Nikon Z6 and the NIKKOR Z 85mm f/1.8 S.

“This assignment is a gift—as a photographer—to photograph a colleague and a peer,” said McNally in the video as he geared up to shoot portraits of Ghionis. Both men took turns framing up the perfect portrait shots of each other, with Jerry in a tux on a surfboard in the pool, and Joe looking like Robert Redford on the stone steps of the beachfront property.

Both photographers really love the way the Nikon Z6 handles portrait shots. In the video, they discuss some great tips for getting incredible portrait photography images with the Nikon Z6, including utilizing the eye autofocus.

“I love photography in every breath,” Jerry says near the end of the video. “It’s not just the clicking the camera. For me, it’s conceptualizing what I’m going to do, why I’m doing it—and the end result is certainly part of it—but for me, it’s that process.”

Check out the video above to see what these two incredible photographers can do with the Nikon Z6 and NIKKOR Z 85mm f/1.8 S. Let us know what you think in the comments below!

“A pattern is interesting. A pattern interrupted is even more interesting.” ~ Joe McNally

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