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01 Dec 2020

Full-stack Web Developer

To join our team, you must have experience with modern methodologies such as test-driven development, continuous deployment, and fully-responsive layouts. You must also be self-driven and be able to guide yourself through many thousands of lines of code, as well as manage your own time and motivation to learn and grow.


Core Requirements:
  • Strong PHP, and MySQL
  • Strong HTML, CSS, and Javascript
  • Experience writing WordPress custom plugin-ins and themes from scratch
  • CSS pre-compilers like SASS, or LESS
Additional experience that would be a great plus:
  • Automated testing, with tools like PHPUnit, Codeception, or Selenium
  • Experience with ES2015 and React JS
  • Nginx, Apache, or other server experience
  • Deployment tools like Team City, or Capistrano
  • Payment processor APIs such as Stripe
  • Package mangers like Composer and NPM
  • Experience designing RESTful APIs
  • Experience with Object Oriented Programming
  • WordPress core contributions, or other open source contributions
  • Experience with other MVC frameworks, like Ruby on Rails or Laravel
  • A/B testing, or other analytics tools for data driven decision making.

What tools do we develop with?

Our team builds every site to be 100% fully-responsive and load quickly on every type of device. We use SVG graphics, mobile-first media queries, and progressive enhancement in order to make this happen.

We use modern build tools like Grunt, Team City, and Github. When we’re not in the same room (or even when we are) great apps like Slack, Basecamp, and Skype help keep us all on the same page.

Automated testing tools like PHPUnit, Codeception, and Circle CI – along with the WordPress Unit Test Framework – help us ensure our code works right the first time and doesn’t break down the road.


Our main site is powered by WordPress, and we make use of a lot of WP core features such as:

  • custom post types
  • custom taxonomies and terms
  • custom action hooks and filters
  • custom shortcodes
  • custom MySQL tables and queries
  • custom teplates and rewrite rules
  • transients and object caching


Our Work Culture

The web is constantly evolving, and our goal is to be able to always deploy top-quality code every sprint cycle. We are looking to grow our team with self-motivated, and enthusiastic web developers who desire to learn and grow every day and stay on top of the latest web trends. If you consider yourself to be an expert in at least one area of web development (front-end, UI/UX, back-end, database optimization, server configuration, etc) then we’d love to setup an interview!

We are located in Orange County near South Coast Plaza. Our core work hours are flexible, but most often we are in the office from about 9am to 6pm. While our team is quite small at the moment, we are ready to bring on more developers right away so that we can deploy features faster and be able to tackle larger, more complex projects.

(or email us for more info)


More perks of working at SLR Lounge:

  • Get Buff and Stay Healthy
    • Health Insurance
    • 25% off at the 12 Gym in Irvine / Costa Mesa
  • Learn to Drift
    • 24/7 access to an in-studio car racing simulator with leaderboards
    • Several company members race on the weekends but if you happen to not have a race car, enjoy riding along with us!
  • Further your Jedi Skills
    • Intense Ping-Pong tournaments that will make the movie “Balls of Fury” seem like child’s play
    • Ultimate frisbee pow-wows that end in several injuries including but not limited to minor bumps, bruises, scrapes and major injuries to ego
  • Further your Jedi Skills Part Deux
    • Continuing education through our ever-growing library of books and online subscriptions
    • Attending workshops and hackathons
    • Ongoing involvement in the local community of devs
  • Become a part of our family
    • In addition to long walks on the beach in the rain we like to:
      • Play board games frequently
      • Mountain bike
      • Eat – Pot-lucks!
      • Movie nights
      • Hot tubbing but not of the time machine kind
    • Last year we took our team of 36 peeps on a 3-day Mexico Cruise and came back with nothing but incriminating materials