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Celebrity Photobombing at its Finest by Jimmy Fallon & Jon Hamm

By Kishore Sawh on March 11th 2014


Jimmy Fallon recently swapped his guy-next-door t-shirt and jeans for tailored suits, but brought along his personality and antics that are ever viral. With ballooning ratings since Fallon swapped seats with Leno, “The Tonight Show,” is off to a good start, and it seems already, Fallon will leave a larger mark than his predecessor. He’s witty and edgy and at the same time just a lot of fun! For Monday night’s ‘Tonight Show,” he partnered up with someone you don’t always associate with boisterous fun as much as you do with an old fashioned, and Mercedes commercial – Jon Hamm.



Fallon and Hamm teamed up like a pair of best friends at a party to photobomb unsuspecting tourists posing at the observation deck of the Rockefeller Center in New York, “Top Of The Rock.” Hilarity ensued (video below). The pair organized for tourists to be invited to pose for pictures that would be used on the Top Of The Rock website, which Fallon went on to admit on camera:

We told them it was for the NBC Top of the Rock website. We were lying.

The two made ridiculous faces, high-fived, gave each other piggy-back rides, and went as far as eating a hoagie, Lady & The Tramp style. All the while the tourists were none the wiser, and the pair got even funnier as the pranks went on. Almost incredible to think these posing tourists wouldn’t notice the antics going on behind them, but at the end we see the two celebs go ahead and introduce themselves much to the delight of the unsuspecting.

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Of course, this would have nothing to do with the premier of the final season of Mad Men just around the corner, in which we’ll see Hamm don his suit and smokes as the ever dapper, Don Draper. Either way, hilarious photobomb session, and the antidote to everything stale and tired in late night television.

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