Celebrity photographer Jeremy Cowart recently took the new iPhone 6 Plus out for a spin, using the new phone on a photo shoot with Johnnyswim. He even put together a great little video highlighting some of the key new features of the camera app to iOS8, and explained a bit about how he used the iPhone to his advantage for this shoot.


I really loved the part of the video where Johnnyswim talks about how Jeremy using the iPhone actually made the shoot a little less stressful. Some of the images coming out of the shoot are absolutely amazing. You really wouldn’t be able to tell -just from looking – that the images were made with an iPhone. Here are a few of the shots that stood out to me…

01_Photo-Sep-22-4-20-36-PM 03_Photo-Sep-22-3-45-16-PM

Of course, this is not the first time that an iPhone has been proven to be capable of producing high quality professional imagery. In fact, had our own little iPhone photo shoot back in 2011:

Fstoppers also did an iPhone fashion shoot a while back:

As you can see, iPhone camera tech has changed quite a bit since our video. The images that Jeremy put together, shot and processed, with the iPhone 6 Plus are pretty inspirational to anyone who worries about not having the right gear. Just stop. Get out and shoot with that you have, learn to play to its strengths and get some great images!

These camera phones are getting more and more capable by the year. But, at the end of the day, they are still small sensor, and limited in many applications when compared to their mirrorless and DSLR brethren. Still, it is not so far of a stretch to see a future where the script is flipped, and big bulky cameras are the used for novelty…


What are your thoughts on this shoot with Jeremy Cowart? Would you ever consider shooting a client entirely with your phone? Leave a comment below!

[via Jeremy Cowart]

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