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Jasmine Star demonstrates a same-day wedding slideshow

By Matthew Saville on December 4th 2012

Jasmine Star’s latest video in her “Shooting Star” tutorial series is a great demonstration of a same-day wedding photo slideshow.  Check it out!  Then click HERE to read her full blog post.



A few other tips to make the process fast and efficient:

  • Depending on what you shoot, there are a handful of programs you can use to quickly browse your files and create a slideshow.  Basically, the goal is to NOT have to wait for RAW photos to load or transfer, and if possible avoid any importing or editing.
  • You can shoot RAW+JPG and set your JPG files to be very small,(Or just shoot JPG in the first place) and browse the JPG photos in almost any program.  (Nikon View NX is free, and works on JPG images from any camera, not just Nikon!)
  • If you shoot RAW only, you can use a program like Nikon View NX or Photomechanic to browse photos almost instantly, with your in-camera processing still applied.
  • In order for this whole idea to work, you might have to be willing to display images un-edited.  While un-edited images might look flat and boring in Lightroom or Bridge or other RAW programs, they can look pretty great if you pay attention to your exposure, white balance and picture styles.  If you shoot JPG then you’re good to go, or if you shoot RAW those other programs (View NX, Photomechanic) use the JPG previews from the RAW file so it’s the same as if you were shooting JPG.

[Rewind: Click here for a discount on Animoto Slideshows]

Good luck!

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