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Israeli Bride has Dress Set on Fire During Photoshoot

By Anthony Thurston on July 12th 2013

I have seen some crazy trash the dress ideas, but nothing quite touches this idea out of Israel. Apparently a bride wanted to shoot with her dress on fire for a really cool shot (the shot is rather cool too), and the studio went along with it – even going so far as to capture the event on video for promotional purposes.

You can check out the video below, make sure to read my thoughts after the break…..

**Do Not Attempt This At Home**

Is that nuts or what! You would think in this day and age you would, um idk, PHOTOSHOP the thing. Sure, the resulting picture turned out pretty well but the safety of this is practically non-existent. This bride could have been seriously injured, even killed,  if she was burned bad enough.

I am all for getting it right in-camera and using as little Photoshop as possible. But in a situation like this, where someone’s life is in danger, you really need to think twice about it. If it were me, this would have been photoshopped. The similarity of this to Lauri’s latest tutorial is creepy, but it goes to show that you can get good results using Photoshop instead of real fire on the model!

What are your thoughts on this? Was this bride and Photographer nuts? Let us know in a comment below.

[via DIY Photography]

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  1. Joseph Prusa

    Pictures are bad , light it up again!

    | |
  2. Urban Photo LA

    Wow! That’s pretty intense. Like you mentioned, this was definitely something that should have been done in PS.

    | |
  3. ShadowFX

    Quebec bride Maria Pantazopoulos drowned during ‘trash the dress’ photo shoot
    I won’t do a Trash the Dress. If you don’t want the dress any more, but it on eBay as a traveling wedding dress. I have a niece who was married in one and it’s been traveling ever since. Makes for a better story… where its been, where it went.

    | |