As we touched on briefly a few days back, Canon’s new 70D is coming out with a brand new Dual Pixel sensor, Canon is labeling the new technology a Game Changer. The new sensor captures images in a way that is unlike previous CMOS sensors, and the benefits to AF during video capture are amazing… at least that is what Canon wants us to believe. But is this new technology really Game Changer status?

Before we can really answer that lets first take a look at this great video being put out by Canon to explain the new Dual Pixel Sensor and how it works.

Ok, so as you can see from the video this is definitely a unique sensor. But what about the actual effect it will have on AF while shooting video? Truly this will not be known until the 70D makes it’s way out into the wild and is tested en-mass after it is released. But Canon has released a demo video, which was supposedly recorded with the 70D (ill elaborate afterwords) using the new AF capabilities which you can check out below.

If this technology works as advertised and you can truly use AF while recording video as well or better than a comparable camcorder then I say this is definitely a game changer. Obviously the final verdict will need to be held off until it can be thoroughly tested in real video environments and situations, but you have to admit that the chance that is lives up to the hype is pretty exiting.

What are your thoughts on this new technology? Will it be the game changer it is being marketed as or will it be just another “meh” attempt at AF from a DSLR? Let us know in a comment below!