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iPhone 8 Wedding Photography With Benj Haisch | Computational Photography Is Getting Good

By Holly Roa on October 15th 2017

While it’s not news that iPhones (and other smartphones) are capable of producing compelling imagery, as the iPhone 8 Plus finds its way into the hands of more professional photographers, we are seeing some work come forth that might just blow your mind a little.

The functionality of portrait mode and the dynamic range of the new phone’s camera are looking impressive and combined with an eye for exposure and composition plus a little massaging in the mobile post-processing realm, images can be made that rival those of a DSLR, at least at social media resolution.

Seattle area wedding photographer Benj Haisch has exemplified this in a gorgeous set of images from a destination elopement in Santorini. Using his iPhone 8 Plus and a single preset in the VSCO mobile app, some of the images are indistinguishable from DSLR-produced shots at first glance.  Haisch used his phone to capture the images in order to provide a quick, sharable sneak peek for his clients, saying in a social media post,

“Big elopement tip … make sure you take a bunch of iPhone photos so that your couple can share them with their loved ones who aren’t able to be there as soon as possible.”

[Rewind:] Instagram Stars Dish On The Platform | @itsbigben, @bensasso, @benjhaisch, @katchsilva & @jeremycowart

He also provided an edited image taken with his “real” camera for comparison, which makes it clear that non-phone cameras aren’t going anywhere just yet. Still, it’s interesting to see phone photos inching closer to offering truly DSLR-like results. To see more from Benj Haisch, check him out on his site, Facebook page, or Instagram.

Sunsets in Santorini. #shotoniphone8plus

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