The iPhone 6s came out yesterday with some of the usual Apple fanfare – lines of people at the stores, posts of new phones on social media. Though not quite the frenzy of years past, Apple still has the hearts of many photographers, if my Facebook feed is of any indication.


With the 6s comes the inclusion of 4k video capabilities! Say what? I still remember being awed when our flip phones could text (and pagers for that matter). Anyhow, we’ve come a long way in our phone technology and to see what this newest Apple offering is made of, Lee Morris from Fstoppers decided to pit the 4K video capabilities of the new iPhone 6s against the camera everyone is talking about right now, the Sony a7RII. Of course, when you compare a $3200 camera (body only) with a phone camera, it’s not a fair nor scientific fight, but it makes for a very interesting comparison.

To get a similar depth of field, the Sony was set to ISO 100 at f/8 with the shutter speed as close to the iPhone as possible. Watch the video below to see how the iPhone performs (spoiler – as expected the Sony is sharper, but duh, it better be).

Lee mentions in the Fstoppers post that he doesnt “care to export videos in 4k,” he “just wants higher quality 1080p footage,” and it looks like the iPhone delivers.

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