It is always interesting to see how technology improves over time. The fastest computers 10 years ago can’t compare to the speed and processing power of a smart phone today. The same thing goes for imagery; the best digital cameras 10 years ago are probably worse or equivalent to the cameras on our cell phones.

Strangely, many photographers fear that technology will eliminate the need for professional photography. While technology will improve and make things simpler, I find this fear rather silly. There will always be a need for creativity and vision. As a professional photographer, that is what I will always strive to offer because that will never be something technology can replicate. I embrace technology because it only makes it easier to execute my creative vision.

That being said let me hop down from off my soap box and show you these awesome photos comparing the resolution and low light capability of the iPhone 5 to the iPhone 4s. Not only is the iPhone 5 much more capable in low light than the iPhone 4s, it is actually comparable to professional DSLRs of only a few years back. Check out some of the other awesome photos that Austin Mann captured on his adventures through Iceland on his blog.

Image Courtesy of Austin Mann