Sometimes it is shocking what a 99-cent app can do on a mobile device, that a ~$150 program cannot do on a high-end desktop machine.  Oh well, maybe Lightroom 5 will have this feature?  I doubt it.  Oh well, at least we can color correct thousands of images quickly, right?

The folks over at CNET have exhibited a demo of this super-cool iOS app that effortlessly does multiple head-swapping, …with no more dexterity necessary than that of a toddler.



Okay seriously, folks, this looks really promising.  First of all, I’m always a fan of innovation on any platform, even if it is one that I don’t or can’t use in my current workflow.  The way I see it; it’s only a matter of time until we’re all editing our images on giant touch-screens running app-based operating systems with more processing power than the current high-end gaming and  video production machines.

What do you think, those of you who are professional photographers, or anyone who edits significant volumes of images?  What is your favorite tool of choice?  Laptop VS Desktop VS mobile device?  Mouse VS tablet VS touchpad VS touchscreen? What do you think the future holds for us as retouchers and editors? Dream big for me people, I’d like to hear some ideas!

Until next time,
=Matthew Saville=