Kickstarter is a great place, people can come up with great new ideas and get the funding they need to get their projects off the ground. The connection of the internet gives us as consumers the right to decide if we think a project should be made. Sometimes these projects are meant to be, and other times not so much.

Once such project that I personally hope gets its funding is the Supraflux Camera Stabilizer, from the creators of the 2010 Kickstarter Picosteady campaign. This time around the guys chose to tackle a camera stabilizer for full sized cameras, and from what I have seen on the Kickstarter page this project is the real deal.

The project is hoping to raise $27,900 to pay for getting the first order of parts machined, assembled and shipped out. The new stabilizer will retail for around $795, but if you support the project with a pledge of $595 you can get your stabilizer for $150 off. The first 100 backers of$495 or more will get a early bird special of $250 off retail price.

Click here to visit the Kickstarter page to learn more and support the project

Here is the introduction video:

Checkout a few pictures:

My Final Thoughts:

I think that this is a really awesome stabilizer, and from the demo footage shown on the kickstarter site this has the potential to be a game changer in the video stabilization market. The footage was clean, smooth, and looked beautiful. I already have a few bucks ready to pledge to the campaign, an will be doing so after this post gets finished. If you are into shooting video at all I recommend that you head over and checkout the kickstarter page, this really is a game changer and it deserves our support.