Welcome to SLR Lounge’s brand new weekly segments on YouTube! We will be posting videos every day, with each day corresponding to a certain segment. There will be six segments a week including: Monday Tips in 2, Tuesday Weekly edits, Wednesday Ask SLR Lounge, Thursday Weekly CCs, Friday Rapid Gear Reviews, and Saturday Our week in 90.

Watch the Video Below

Monday Tips in 2

In Monday Tips in 2, we will be giving you useful tips and information about photography in 2 minutes or less.

Tuesday Weekly Edit

For our Tuesday Weekly Edits, we will bring in an image into Lightroom or Photoshop and teach you guys how to post-produce an image to get the effect that we want.

Wednesday Ask SLR Lounge

Wednesday’s Ask SLR Lounge is where we answer questions submitted by you SLR Loungers.

Thursday Weekly CC

The Thursday Weekly CCs (Constructive Criticisms) is where we take a few images from our constructive critique category of the forum page, and provide constructive feedback on how to improve the images.

Friday Rapid Gear Review

In Friday’s Rapid Gear Review, our short and sweet review will tell you everything you want to know about a product.

Saturday Our Week in 90

Lastly, the Saturday’s Our Week in 90 Seconds will cover the latest happenings on SLR Lounge in 90 seconds or less.

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