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Introducing the New Capture One Pro 7

By fotosiamo on October 25th 2012

Capture One Pro 7 Box

Phase One just released the major upgrade to their popular Capture One software. The new Capture One Pro 7 boasts an entirely new image processing engine that promises even better image quality and faster workflow. Other new major features include a “catalog” like asset management system based on their Media Pro catalog system andthe addition of Live View support for tethering.


Phase One, the world’s leader in open-platform, high-end camera systems and solutions, has released Capture One Pro 7. Capture One Pro is the advanced digital imaging software for professional photographers who require superior image quality, maximum workflow efficiency and the flexibility to work the way they want to work.

Capture One Pro 7 is a major release built on a new processing engine with new and advanced professional tools that dramatically boost out-of-the-box image quality, offering exquisite detail and color rendition. Powerful digital asset management functionality, derived from years of technical expertise built into the Media Pro catalog system, has been added to offer more options to select, search and organize image files. And the world’s most advanced tethering shooting solution now includes Live View support for selected DSLRs.

Advancements in the Capture One raw processing engine yield vastly more accurate rendition of details and colors. While medium format camera systems with Capture One Pro achieve the highest-level results, DSLR users will see stellar performance from their cameras too. A highly advanced noise reduction algorithm has been added that gives stunning performance at even high ISO levels.

Precision adjustment tools offer greatly enhanced dynamic range for astonishing details in both shadows and highlights, reveal fine details and structure, reduce the effect of haze and give images a more three-dimensional look and add local contrast and saturation to images for extra punch. The new OpenCL implementation yields faster browsing and higher-speed image processing.

From capture to final output, Capture One Pro 7 has been optimized for efficiency. Capture One Pro’s support for instant tethered shooting is renowned for its ease (just plug in and shoot) with both medium format and high-end DSLR cameras. Now Live View is available for selected DSLRs aiding composition and critical focus.

Capture One Pro 7 has a selection of default lens profiles that can be chosen to automatically correct any unwanted optical issues. Capture One Pro 7 speeds delivery of final image files to clients and colleagues in whatever format, size, or resolution they need.

Phase One Capture One Pro 7 is available now for Mac OS X and Windows online at the Phase One Shop and from Phase One Partners. The price is 299 USD and 229 EUR. Owners of Capture One Pro 3/4/5/6 may upgrade for 99 USD and 69 EUR. Owners of Capture One Express may upgrade to Capture One Pro 7 for 249 USD and 199 EUR. For customers who have purchased Capture One Pro 6 since September 26, 2012, Phase One is offering a grace period, exempting them from the upgrade fee.

For more information on the new and advanced features in Capture One Pro 7, visit the Phase One website.

Digital Asset Management

Image Correction


Adjustable previews
You can use the default preview size or change it to your preference. When you are on the move with catalogs and are browsing your images offline, you can choose to have a large preview to see more detail. When home with the files online you can change to a small preview for convenience and speed.

OpenCL enabled processing
Tap into the vast computing power in your graphics processor and CPU and use it to accelerate your processing tasks. The new OpenCL processing support will let you experience incredible speed when outputting images from Capture One Pro 7. Images are processed faster than ever before – allowing professional photographers to deliver work even faster to their clients.

Manual sorting
With manual sorting you can get the flow of our image presentation just right. Quickly drag-and-drop the images into the order you desire, and use the order in your slideshow or print layout. Capture One Pro 7 remembers the order if you switch to sort by date or name.

High-speed caching
Using behavior prediction in the background, Capture One Pro 7 is able to predict which images you would like to see next and pre-caches them. Quickly switch between two images in full resolution without spending time on loading.

Process to additional formats
You can now process to several additional file formats. Besides JPEG, TIFF, Capture One Pro 7 offers processing to JPEG XR or JPEG 2000 files with higher or lossless compression, to PNG files, to one-layer PSD files or to calibrated DNG files.

Drag-and-drop tagging
Building on the flexible workflow of Media Pro, Capture One Pro 7 enable you to easily tag images with keywords and metadata by dragging and dropping one or more images onto the keyword.

Quickly flip your image horizontally or vertically to align perfectly with that magazine layout, overlay or flow of your next photo book.

Save an ICC profile as default per camera
For the photographer with a keen eye for colors hunting for that special look, Capture One Pro 7 allows the user to create custom ICC settings that are used as default for a camera. Once you have decided on your preferred look or color calibration of your camera, having a default setting per camera means not having to choose it, or more importantly remembering to choose it when using different cameras. This gives great convenience and can save you time on set and in post production.


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There are more videos to watch at Capture One’s website


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  1. Simon

    I can see you’re very proficient with Copy & Paste from the Capture One website.  Do you have any comments as to what you think of the software?

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    • Pye

      Simon, it’s a press release (released on the day of announcement) not a product review. Look for a review to come. 

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    nice…i would like this app…just the money that i can not meet!

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