We have all seen those amazing high speed videos of people breaking things, shooting underwater, or dancing. Whats not so amazing about videos like those is that the high speed cameras used to make videos like those are extremely expensive and not the easiest to use; Enter the Edgertronic Kickstarter Campaign.

The Edgertronic is an affordable (by high speed camera standards) high speed video camera capable of up to 17,000 fps (“Only”701fps at 720p tho). This has the potential to really bring high speed video to the lower budget productions of the world, the only downside – as afar as resolution goes – is that it does not support full 1080HD.



Edgertronic is also a manual focus only camera, with a Nikon mount, which means that those of you with old manual focus Nikon lenses are going to love this camera. Sadly according to the project leader, there are no plans to add a Canon EOS mount to the camera.

The camera is designed for manual lenses only, and since Canon has never made a manual EOS lens, we will not be supporting the EOS (EF) mount.

This stinks for us Canon users who would like to use the glass that we already own, but in the grand scheme of things this is not something that would prohibit us from getting the camera. I mean heck the camera comes with a Nikon 50mm F/1.8D, not the best Nikon glass ever, but its enough to get your started.

The other somewhat quirky thing about this camera is that it is controlled completely via a web browser. There are no camera controls, except for manually focusing the lens, on the body. But as far as quirks go this is really not all that inconvenient, simply have a laptop connected via the ethernet port and you are good to go.


The project has a goal of $97,900 and is currently sitting at $63,071 backers with 12 days to go. That is quite a but of cheddar to make up in just 12 days, but it is definitely possible. If you like the idea and think its a camera you would like to see made a reality then head over to the kickstarter page and support the project.