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Intricate ‘Masques’ Made Out of Popular Board Game Pieces by Marie Rimes

By Hanssie on May 15th 2014

What began as an art school project about games for 24 year-old Marie Rimes, evolved into an examination of power. Rimes, a Swiss photographer, began creating these intricate masks out of pieces of board games. She was inspired by primitive tribal art and fascinated by the role costumes and headdresses play in the perception of status and influence.


In this series, the notion of game is being questioned. I tried to express my fascination with the relationship between the players. I asked myself what the participants are looking for and whether they are trying to disturb, seduce or intimidate opponents.

Rime, who is about to graduate from ECAL with a BA in Photography, began the project by gluing the pieces onto her head – which her teachers advised against. They suggested that perhaps she glue them together into masks before placing them on her head. As each piece became more detailed, they became more intricate and most importantly, symmetrical, each piece painstakingly placed in just the right positions garnished with accessories knitted by her grandmother added in as a reference to chainmail wore under armor. All the women modeling the masks are family members of Rime.


marie-rime-8 marie-rime-06 Marie-Rime-04 Marie-Rime-03 Marie-Rime-02 Marie-Rime-01

The underlying theme of power can be seen throughout Marie Rime’s recent work. Take a look at her portfolio on her website.

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[Via It’s Nice That/The Guardian]

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