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Interview with the Brilliant and Eclectic Jill Greenberg

By fotosiamo on October 19th 2012

Whether you love or hate her photos, there is no denying that photographer Jill Greenberg has created some of the most recognizable photos within the last decade. Her lighting style has become such part of photography that when people see another photographer’s photo that is lit the same way, they call it the “Jill Greenberg look.”

End Times Baby by Jill Greenberg
End of Time Baby by Jill Greenberg

Although this look is considered her “signature look,” Jill constantly experiments with her lighting, photography, and creative process. In this two part interview by, Jill takes us to her roots growing up and attending art schools like the Rhode Island School of Design and Parsons Paris School of Art and Design, as well as how she developed her lighting technique for the End Times series and beyond.

What’s great about this interview is that it’s not about the gear that Jill uses, but the creative process and the artistic outlet of photography. To me, the most important thing about photography is the story that the image convey, followed by lighting.

How [Jill] entertains herself is her art. She makes it beautiful and professional and with a large subtext. She finds that approach to art making is sometimes hard to come by. “There’s so much art that doesn’t do anything. There’s a lot of art that doesn’t say anything and it becomes about the process and refers to historical art exclusivley almost to the point where the art cannot stand on its own. They require a long description. Does that speak to a viewer in any way? That’s a trend right now.”

“You can’t make art if you’re being afraid,” she adds.

It’s a fascinating read behind one of our prolific photographers today, so be sure to read the two part-interview by

Dislaimer: The interview does include some NSWF photos

The Art Manipulator: An Interview With Jill Greenberg, Part One

Unafraid To Create: An Interview With Jill Greenberg, Part Two

Here are some photos from the interview

Unafraid-To-Create-An-Interview-With-Jill-Greenberg by Los Angeles I am Yours

Unafraid-To-Create-An-Interview-With-Jill-Greenberg by Los Angeles I am Yours

Unafraid-To-Create-An-Interview-With-Jill-Greenberg by Los Angeles I am Yours

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Joe is a fashion and commercial photographer based in Los Angeles, CA. He blends creativity and edge with a strong style of lighting and emotion in his photographs.

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  1. Ed Rhodes

    great photographic style!

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  2. Agonsi Precious

    That’s a great one there. Basic photography, a course offered at UNN teaches students ways to improve image and photograph quality. See for more info

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  3. Chuck Navarro

    She’s great.  I love her style.  Really pulls emotion from you.

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