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Interpreting the Language of Dance (via Long Exposure)

By Hanssie on January 26th 2014

According to photographer Jesús Chapa-Malacara, dancers spend much of their time, “thinking about all the movement in between the poses that most people think of as dance…”

“I set out to tell that story.” he says.


Highlighting two very diverse forms of dance, ballet and breakdancing, Jesús acts as the interpreter to us non-dancers, the special language that only dancers can understand. As he explains to Huffington Post, “Each photo you see is every little piece of what it takes to start and finish a ‘word’ within the ballet language, all the little details dancers spend years perfecting. So over the long term, I hope to create a visual compendium of the ballet lexicon.”

[REWIND: Lovers Dance All Night for Long Exposure Timelapse]

jesus-chapa-malacara-kickstarter-1 jesus-chapa-malacara-kickstarter-2

Jesús’ Kickstarter campaign, “Humans Slicing Through Space“, is only a few thousand dollars shy of his $16,000 goal (with 19 days to go). Priding himself on the fact that no Photoshop was involved in making the images, but instead using, “Old-school photography,” Jesús uses long exposure to bring us a catalog of dance moves. Each photograph is a complete movement of dance, some that take years for a dancer to perfect.

jesus-chapa-malacara-kickstarter-11 jesus-chapa-malacara-kickstarter-10 jesus-chapa-malacara-kickstarter-9jesus-chapa-malacara-kickstarter-7 jesus-chapa-malacara-kickstarter-6 jesus-chapa-malacara-kickstarter-5 jesus-chapa-malacara-kickstarter-4 jesus-chapa-malacara-kickstarter-3

He hopes to turn these photos into an art book and have them become “classics in the world of photography.”

To support Jesús’ Kickstarter campaign, click here. You only have until February 14, 2014! To see his other work, visit his website.

[via @Huffington Post/Kickstarter]

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