Believe it or not, the internet is one of the greatest things that has ever happened to landscape photography in my opinion.  Why?  It enables all kinds of things, from scouting locations on Google Maps to collaborating with other photographers about seasonal changes and other unique opportunities.

Of course one resulting phenomenon has been the unfortunately immense size of the hordes of photographers that descend upon popular spots such as Yosemite’s “Tunnel View” location.  Just ~5 years ago, this image might have contained no more than 0-5 photographers, since it was taken at ~6 AM in 25 degree weather in the dead of winter.  Nowadays, I’m no insurance assesor but that looks like a quarter-million dollars worth of gear, easily!!


(Photo copyright Sean Goebel)

The question is, can internet resources be used without being abused?  We’d love to hear your thoughts…

The current season around the country is fall, and fall colors are just reaching / passing their peak.  There are general nationwide “fall color watch” resources such as the one at, and there are also more location-specific collaborative websites and communities such as the fall color forum at Outdoor Photographer Magazine. If you’re on the hunt for fall colors, chances are there is a spot within a couple / few hours’ drive that has some beautiful opportunities!



Just remember out there: be respectful of mother nature, and be respectful of other photographers!  The benefits of having internet resources for nature photography phenomenons do come with added responsibility.  (Again, just my opinion.)


Take care,
=Matthew Saville=


Mountain View, CA – Thanksgiving 2011
Nikon D700, Nikon 50mm f/1.8 AFS-G
1/60 sec @ f/16 & ISO 200, hand-held