Interfit has announced a new line of collapsible softboxes and beauty dishes aimed at professionals that need their gear to pack down for easy travel and on location use. The new collapsible units will come in both Bowens and Elinchrom bayonet mounts, and are expected to ship by August 2014.


The benefit of these new Interfit collapsible softboxes comes from having an internal frame of interlocking fibreglass rods that lock into place, which greatly reduces the length of time required to set them up and tear them down between shoots.

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Interfit will initially be releasing these new collapsible modifiers in 6 different sizes ranging from a 96cm x 96cm square to a 110cm circular beauty dish. The complete list of available sizes is below:


  • 90cm (36in) square
  • 80 x 120cm (32 x 48in) rectangular
  • 30 x 150cm (12 x 59in) stripbox
  • 110cm (44in) octabox
  • 70cm (28in) beauty dish
  • 110cm (40in) beauty dish

As mentioned above, these new modifiers are expected to begin shipping in August of this year. Prices start at $74.99 and go up from there depending on the size of the modifier that you decide to purchase. You can learn more about these modifiers over at the newly redesigned Interfit website.


[via Lighting Rumors]