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Integrity In Photojournalism – Ruben Salvadori’s War BTSV Presentation

By Matthew Saville on April 11th 2012

I watched this video some time ago on, and I thought it was fitting to post it here now as the wedding photography season begins to wind up, and we all grab our cameras and head out to “document a couple’s special day”…

Just remember, that you as the photographer are never ONLY an observer; you are also a presence, an influence on that day.  You can decide whether that is a good thing or a bad thing; and as wedding photographers we have MANY opportunities to have a POSITIVE influence on the events we’re documenting.

This is not an encouragement to avoid “staging” photos.  In fact, many clients want / need to be directed.  This is just a small reminder that HOW we influence our subjects is up to us.  You can “direct” a photograph, without creating a lie.  Think about it.

I know it’s a stretch to compare weddings and war, in fact they are completely opposite events in human society.  However there is always at least a little chaos in everything we photograph.  Don’t forget that what you’re documenting is LIFE.

You can see more of Ruben Salvadori’s work on his website HERE, and you can read more about this BTSV project HERE.

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  1. Joseph Prusa

    Thanks for sharing

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  2. Photographer Zebian

    “this is what we have to create if we want to sell” i get it that the huge corporates out there manipulates what we see and all… but this is different, its a disgrace to see photographers doing this for a paycheck… do they not really know the consequences of this on a social level? akh, this ain’t the scene for this type of talk…. BUT there should be some sort of protocol or rules having pictures in this field to be taken with anything wider than 24mm (full frame) and at a long range (perhaps 3 meters away). No post processing and image in raw format. that should get us “the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth”

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  3. Tim Krueger

    makes you wonder about major news agencies and their fabrication of situations to start major conflicts.  great video

    | |