snapsa-logo Over the weekend, we got word of a new iPhone App that is downright awesome. In fact, it is the only App of its kind in the App Store. Best of all, for a limited time, it is free! Whether you are a professional photographer, or an iPhonographer, Snapsta is a must have application for anyone that takes pictures with their iPhones.

To download this App for free, simply visit Snapsta in the App Store on your iPhone or Click Here. Continue reading about Snapsta and why we love it below!

Snapsta allows you to take photos on your iPhone and upload them directly to Facebook. However, unlike other similar Apps such as Instagram, Snapsta uploads your photos instantly while you are still shooting! This means that you can focus on watching and shooting your subject, rather than staring into your iPhone choosing options.

So, how does it work exactly? well, it’s pretty simple:


1) Enter Your Facebook Info – Simply enter in your Facebook login information so that Snapsta can access your Facebook profile and photo album.

2) Choose or Create an Album – You can create a new album right from Snapsta, or you can choose from an already existing album on your Facebook photo page. Snapsta will automatically update and sync all albums shown on your iPhone from your Facebook page.

3) Start Shooting! – Once you have selected the photo album, start shooting! As you shoot, Snapsta will automatically take each photo shot and upload them into the selected Facebook album without you ever having to leave the camera view.

This amazing little App is not only fun and easy to use for anyone, it is also a wonderful work tool for those that work in media. Whether you are a photographer, cinematographer, journalist, or whatever you are, Snapsta is a brilliant way of showing whatever you are working on instantly on your Facebook page. Our favorite use for this program is to create quick behind the scenes looks into our shoots.

Whatever you use it for, be sure to go grab this App right away! We are told that the App will be free for a limited time! Future versions will include borders, filters, and much more. Enjoy!

Article by Post Production Pye
SLR Lounge Senior Editor
Partner of Lin and Jirsa Photography