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Installation of Your SLR Lounge Photography Theme

April 13th 2007 6:13 PM

Note: There are newer themes available. They are still completely free but they now come with an options page (to customize your blog without altering the code), improved functionality, and a variety of new features. Click here to view examples and receive download and installation instructions for these new free wordpress themes. However, the theme featured on this page is still available for download.

Please follow the instructions carefully to correctly install the SLR Lounge WordPress theme. If you are having issues, you may find solutions in the comments section by users who have encountered and solved the same issue.

Video Tutorials

Feel free to add comments with questions and issues you would like us to address. Please scroll down to view the written instructions if needed.

1) Install WordPress on Your Website

Since we have already created videos for the installation of the WordPress site, we won’t repeat those steps here. Please see the links below for the WordPress installation video tutorial.
Bluehost Installation – Please click here to view the Bluehost installation video tutorial.
GoDaddy Installation – Please click here to view the GoDaddy installation video tutorial.

2) Install the SLR Lounge WordPress Theme
3) Install an FTP Program (Filezilla) and Connect to Your Site

4) Customize the Background
5) Customize the Header pt. 1 – Customize the Banner

6) Customize the Header pt. 2

7) Customize the Widgetized Footer

Written Instructions

For those of you that prefer to read the instructions, here is the entire set of instructions for the video tutorials seen above.

1) WordPress Installation

To Install WordPress, follow these instructions (click here)
If you prefer video tutorials, please check out our video tutorials on WordPress installation on Bluehost and GoDaddy servers.

Theme Customization Instructions

First off, download the Custom Theme Here

2) Install the Theme

a) Go to the Admin Panel
b) Find “Add New Themes” in the “Appearance” Menu

c) Click Upload
d) Click Browse and find the zip file containing the theme files
e) Click Install Now
f) Preview and Activate

3) Customize the Background

a) Under the “Appearance” menu, click on the “Editor” as shown below.editor
b) The first file that shows up (by default) should be the Stylesheet (style.css). If not, find it at the bottom right of the page.
c) You should find detailed instructions inside of this page.
d) Look for the following instructions on how to change your background:

/*If you want to change the color of the background, change #900 to whatever color you prefer.
If you would like a custom background instead of a color, replace “background-color:#900;” with “background:url(‘images/background.jpg’) repeat top center;”
Then locate th images folder (…slrlounge/images). Design your custom background (with dimensions 100px x 100x), name it background.jpg, and replace the file in your images folder*/
You’ll need to FTP an image named background.jpg to the images folder if you wish to have a custom background.

e) Further customization on the stylesheet is not necessary, but if you would like to change the font or any other styles, read the comments inside of the document for instructions. (comments are denoted by a /* and end with a */)

4) Customize the Header

a) Next click on the Header.php file. This is the 5th item down on the right side of the Editor Screen, as shown below.
b) Customize your header – Next, look for the following and follow the procedures:
c) Customize your menu – Next, look for the following and follow the procedures:
d) Customize your portfolio – Next, look for the following and follow the procedures:
e) Customize your Studio Name – Next, look for the following and follow the procedures:
f) Customize your profile – Next, look for the following and follow the procedures:
EDIT YOUR STUDIO PROFILE HERE. Replace with your studio information
g) Customize your Facebook – Next, look for the following and follow the procedures:
h) Customize your twitter – Next, look for the following and follow the procedures:
Make sure you replace two things with your twitter profile. First, find “” and replace “pyeman” with your twitter name. Next find “twitter_messages(‘pyeman’, 1, false, true, ‘#’, true, true, false);” and replace “topherlin” with your twitter name. Also, make sure you remove the /* on both sides of the “twitter_messages()”

5) Install the “Twitter for WordPress” plugin

a) Click add new under the plugins menu on the side as shown below
b) Search ‘Twitter for WordPress’, then click install, then click activate

6) Customize the Widgetized Footer

a) Click on “Widgets” in the Appearance menu (on the left side of the page)
b) Drag widgets over to the first sidebar and the third sidebar (one widget per sidebar),

The middle box is defaulted to the tag cloud, (recommended widgets – recent posts + recent comments) widgets
c) Make sure to click “Save” each time

At this point, your blog should be customized. You can futher customize the style.css file if you want to alter your font sizes, colors, and other aspects of the appearance.

Thanks and again, feel free to comment with issues and questions!

Note: There are newer themes available. They are still completely free but they now come with an options page (to customize your blog without altering the code), improved functionality, and a variety of new features. Click here to view examples and receive download and installation instructions for these new free wordpress themes. However, the theme featured on this page is still available for download.


Founding Partner of Lin and Jirsa Photography, LJP Studios and SLR Lounge.

Follow my updates on Facebook and my latest work on Instagram both under username @pyejirsa.

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  1. Joseph Prusa

    Good info

    | |
  2. Jennifer Jabbour

    I have been using this theme for a while now and am very happy with it. I recently decided to take down my regular site and just convert my blog to a blogsite, so I’m trying to create some new drop down lists from the nav bar and am not having any luck with it. Please help me if you can :)

    | |
  3. Christin Poczobut

    Amazing! Image researching google for hours with this and i also finally found it the following!

    | |
  4. Lauren


    Can you tell me how to add pictures to my “portfolio” menu? Also, I know you can create drop down sub-menus…how would I do that? For example Menu: Portfolio
    Sub: Newborn
    Sub: Children

    | |
  5. Walter

    I only have a blog, will it still work or do I have to have a private web host?

    | |
  6. Jonathan Yap

    Hey there, i was wondering how could i utilize the archives and category tab on the template. As i still can’t find a solution, i was wondering if you could look into it and assist me.. thanks in advance..

    | |
    • admin

      View the video tutorials. In the theme options, you should be able to check a box to hide the category and archives. Uncheck to display

      | |
  7. danielle

    Hi! Just wondering if you have any suggestions for me… I just noticed that in Google Chrome and Firefox, my header image and footer float to the left, but in IE8 it is perfectly center. Thanks in advance!

    | |
    • admin

      Hi Danielle:

      I’m not exactly sure what’s going on in your case.

      We should be releasing 3 brand new themes either tomorrow or over the weekend with a whole array of fixes, new features, and a customizable back end that should help you solve all of your problems

      | |
  8. nicole kajune

    thank you so much for your very in-depth and awesomely thorough instructions. creating my blog was a piece of cake and i’m technology retarded!! people… if you are having problems, follow the video tuts exactly!! =)

    | |
  9. Ramona

    I like the look of your theme very much. I’m going through your video tutorials and a little miffed as to why there’s so much digging into the code and not a backend to make simple adjustments. I’m especially perplexed as to why I have to setup my navigation manually. Now when my client adds a page he’ll have to call me to add it instead of it showing up automatically. Also hard coding the About is messy as people tend to change this quite often. I know I can get this setup myself with wp_list_pages, but what a hassle for an otherwise sharp looking theme. Hopefully you plan on adding a backend with simple theme options in the future. Otherwise, I like your theme. You’re just making me work a little harder than necessary.

    | |
  10. tamsen donker

    woot! by trial and error, i deleted an extra thingy and fixed the problem…learning things every day! lol

    thanks tamsen

    | |
  11. tamsen donker

    Hey there…i got the whole thing setup thanks to your tutorials but something got messed up with the footer along the way….how do I bump the footer back over to where it’s supposed to be? Any ideas? I would love some help with this, no-one else seems to have a clue! lol

    Thanks again for an awesome (and free) theme~ loving it!

    | |
  12. Nicki

    I got the theme uploaded but am wondering how I can add photo galleries and a viewing gallery to the site. Anybody have any ideas?

    | |
  13. carrie

    I’ve got my blog just the way I like it, however I cannot figure out how to create drop down menus from the new menu items that I created. Is this beyond basic customization or am I missing something? :) thanks so much, I am in love with this theme, it looks great!

    | |
  14. glen

    Was able to figure it out by playing around –should be live within a week or so. Thanks!

    | |
  15. Nanine

    Hi – I just had this theme installed and it’s looking great – love the wider width and simple clean design. I have had an issue with posting a link to facebook though, when I do so, the post title shows up and below that are keywords, not the first few lines of post content. Can you or anyone in the community help me with this? TIA


    | |
  16. Glen


    I would like remove the sociables and ‘about’ part of the header and the widgetized footer from the the first page (i.e. I want have only the banner and menus and embed a flash slideshow on the first page). Any ideas how I can do this?

    Thanks so much for the site and the theme,


    | |
  17. John Naccarato


    Thank you very much for taking the time to put together these video tutorials, sharing your theme, and making it pretty easy to set up a blog. I’ve never done ANY coding before, and built my site with Showit.

    I wanted to dive into the Blog realm with my hosting site, I saw your theme and that you were sharing it and that was a great gift. After watching your tutorials, a little help from on domain stuff, and wrapping my head around a little html stuff, I am on my way to a blog site.

    I can’t wait to watch more videos (which are great by the way and easy to follow) on posting photos, size recommendations, installing video, slideshows, etc.

    Thanks again.

    | |
  18. LVC

    Thank you!

    | |
  19. LVC

    Hi, I’m with Kefyras on the script under the leave a reply. Where do you edit the script to remove that? In the stylsheet, header, footer? Where? People are not understanding that it’s instructions on how to reply with fancy text. It just looks like code that shouldn’t be there. Thanks.

    | |
    • admin

      Look in your comments.php fild in the “Editor”

      Look for the following lines: “< ?php echo allowed_tags(); ?>–>”

      and remove it.. save it and you should be good to go

      | |
  20. admin


    You probably changed something in the CSS file that you shouldn’t have. You will need to either fix it in the CSS, or copy the original CSS file back over the new one.

    | |
  21. Edo

    Hello. I just created a website with your theme,, but the footer doesn’t line up. How can I change this?

    | |
  22. angela

    nevermind- i just re-zipped in case anyone else has the same question. thanks!

    | |
  23. angela

    hi- i am on a mac and when i download the folder to my desktop it is not a zipped file. when i go to upload the new theme, the file chooser wants me to pick one file within the slr lounge folder. what do i pick?

    | |
  24. admin


    That is not an error. That is the HTML tags that allow for writing in block quotes, bolding, etc into the comment box. It is designed to show people how to style their comments. If you would like it removed, you will need to go into the code and remove at your own risk.


    | |
  25. admin

    Megan, the issues you are having are not a theme issue. Since the theme is free, we can’t provide support beyond the installation of WordPress article above.


    | |
  26. kefyras


    Thanks for sharing this wonderful theme! I only have one question for you: is there any way to fix the appearing of code between LEAVE A REPLY and the comment box?
    The example screenshot:

    | |
  27. Megan Katauskas

    I’m currently trying to transition from blogger ( to wordpress ( following these instructions:

    I used Filezila to upload the blogger.php file to my WordPress themes directory but the Template menu doesn’t even show up under Attributes when I create a new page (I’ve already tried going back to the default theme and switching back again to the SLR Lounge theme).

    If this is a problem with me and has nothing to do with your free theme, I don’t want to take up your time, but if it IS happening because of something I need to change in the theme, would you mind giving me a few hints?

    I’m an 8 year blogspot user that’s a total newbie at wordpress (but thrilled for the change!) and any help would be much appreciated :)

    | |
  28. Cat Sparks

    never mind! Guess I just wasn’t patient enough. Thanks again!!!

    | |
  29. Cat Sparks

    I’ve installed and customized this awesome theme. Thanks! My twitter messages aren’t showing up though. My tweets are unprotected too =( Any idea if it’s something in the theme or is it a prob on the plugin’s end?

    Thanks again!

    | |
  30. Wendy

    HA! Nevermind about my earlier question. I posted it too soon. I answered my own question. But thank you again for sharing this theme. I love it!

    | |
  31. Wendy

    I am in love with this theme! Thank you so much for sharing it! I was wondering if you could tell me how to make my background image solid instead of tile. I’ve replaced the image, but I do not know what to replace the attributes with within the style sheet.



    | |
  32. Pye

    Faith, I am not sure exactly what you are talking about. I don’t know what you mean by “order the custom css for 14.97 per year.”

    All you need to do is install wordpress, then place the theme in the themes directory. The instructions should walk you through each step. If you like, place the link to the blog on this site so we can see.

    Being, that the theme is free, we can’t promise to be able to offer support. But, maybe the community can help answer your questions.

    | |
  33. Faith

    either i am in a different version of wp or i may need to do the “custom css” in order to apply this theme. when i look on the left hand panel under appearance mine says
    themes/widgets/extras/edit css
    and if i were to paste the css of slrlounge into the current theme it reads error.
    please let me know if i need to order the custom css for 14.97 per year.

    | |
  34. admin

    Hey everyone,

    We are updating the installation guide with videos. We should have videos on every step of the installation soon. Enjoy!

    | |
  35. Pye

    Paul, unfortunately, as this theme is free, we cannot provide ongoing support for anything past basic installation. However, you should be able to center the menu items by editing the CSS alignment for that specific menu item.

    | |
  36. Pye

    Tomas, check out the specific instructions on the twitter app installation above. You need to remove the comments from the file, as well as install the “Twitter for WordPress” app.

    | |
  37. Tomas

    Hi, I have followed tutorial and I’m having a problem with Twitter message – Fatal error: Call to undefined function twitter_messages() in …./wordpress/wp-content/themes/slrlounge/header.php on line 130.
    Any idea?
    Thank you

    | |
  38. Paul

    When I add drop down menu items – like a subcategory of “Weddings” to the “Portfolio” tab they are all left justified. How do I make them center justified like the “categories” and “archives” example is?

    | |
  39. admin



    | |
  40. John B.

    How do I change the Facebook, Twitter, etc. link to my links? I’m totally lost at this point.

    | |
    • admin

      Hey John:

      Instructions are in the installation tutorials. Please take a look.

      Basically, go to the “Editor” and click on the “header.php” In that document you should see further instruction within the comments.

      | |
  41. Scion

    I’m sorry, but on my “Appearance” Tab, I couldn’t find the “add new theme” button. All I can see is “Edit CSS”. Something wrong?

    | |
    • admin

      Marty, here is your answer. If you don’t see Add New Theme, you must be running a different version of WordPress. So, you need to do the following.

      1) To install a theme, simply copy it into the /themes folder on your server. You will either need to connect to your server through your hosting software, or through FTP (preferred). Once connected, locate the /themes directory which is under the /wp-content directory. To install the slrlounge theme, simply copy the entire /slrlounge folder into the /themes folder so the directory structure is like this below:


      2) Once the theme is installed, log into your wp-admin control panel and you should see a large column of menu options on the left side of the screen. Under the Appearance sub menu you should see the following:

      Themes, Widgets, Editor, Add New Themes, AJAXed WordPress

      Click on Themes. Once there, it will show you all the themes that you have installed into the /themes folder.

      3) Since we copied the /slrlounge theme folder onto the /themes directory manually, the thumbnail for the slrlounge theme will now show up from the Manage Themes page. From there you can select Activate, Preview or Delete. Select Activate to set that as your new theme.

      4) For additional instructions on customizing the theme, please read the tutorials above.

      The Add New Theme button does the exact same installation process, however it simply uploads the folder for you into the /themes directory without having you copy it in yourself via FTP.

      Hope this helps

      — Pye

      | |
  42. Peyton Cooke

    I have installed this theme onto my website and love it, however, when I make a new link (IE: ‘Contact’) it opens up an entirely new tab for just that page. Home, catergories, and archives all stay within the same tab, but since I’ve input my own URL into the others, I have this problem.

    Thank you!
    Peyton Cooke

    | |
    • admin

      Hey Peyton:

      Thank you for using our theme!

      If you look in your admin panel, go to the “editor” under “appearance” On the right side, you’ll see “header.php” Click on that and look for the link of your contact page and remove the following: target=”_blank”

      target=”_blank” is used when you want your link to open in a new tab or window. If you remove it on any of the links, it will open in the same window. I hope this helps. Feel free to email me at [email protected] with further questions.

      | |
  43. Brian Fletcher

    I was able to install the theme and preview it with no problem – however, I am having problems transferring my content from my current theme to the new one (yours). Am I missing something?


    | |
    • admin

      Great website btw…

      Are your posts showing up?

      If by content, you mean background, banners, icons, etc, then I believe the issue will be resolved if you take all of your images from your old theme’s “image” folder and place it into this new theme’s “image” folder.

      Feel free to email us at [email protected] if this doesn’t work out for you.

      | |
  44. admin

    Hey Beckie:

    I just updated this post with a few instructions. Feel free to comment on any issues that you might have

    | |
  45. Beckie K

    I already have wordpress, but do not know how to install this theme so I can use it instead of one of their free preset themes. Is there some trick or special area of my wordpress that I need to go to in order to install it? Thank you! And I love the looks of this theme! Thank you for sharing!!

    | |