Social media is both a blessing and a curse. It can leverage our work and elevate us into levels of virality we never dreamed of, and on the same token, no matter how good and talented we may be, some times, we just can’t gain any traction at all. The main thing here, is social media, is just a tool, and we as creatives, have to figure out the best way for each of us to use social media to our advantage…and to stop blaming the platform itself.

In this recent video from Sean Tucker, he shares some thoughts on how we can use Instagram as a tool to inspire us by curating our feeds, as well as thoughts on keeping our expectations for fame and fortune in check. As Sean says in the middle of the video, “Popularity does not necessarily signify mastery.”

In the end of the video, Sean shares some of his favorite and inspiring creatives Instagram Profiles and why he’s so drawn in by them. The big point he tried to hammer in here though is to assess your own photography and the direction you want to go, and find people on that path who are further to learn from them. And most importantly, stop chasing the likes!

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