Becoming one of the largest photo-sharing communities to date, Instagram has completely changed the market on how businesses connect with their followers. Instagram recently shared some tips on their business blog what top brands are incorporating in their feeds to network effectively, and how to further utilize the social media community as a go-to marketing tool.

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Below Instagram shared a few things to keep in mind when updating your feed from a business standpoint. I’ve seen many a times photographers carry the title in their Instagram account, yet don’t bother to bring the same artistry or creativity into their feed that they do with their work outside of social media. It’s important to note that your social media networks are a representation of your brand and yourself. Now, stop posting selfies in front of the mirror and put on that creative hat!

  1. Stay true to your brand: Make sure the photos you post align with your personality and embody who you are. Eyeglass moguls Warby Parker give their feed a bit of a funny bone, as they ingeniously implement their brand combined with trending imagery from the Instagram community, showing off their creative force.
  2. Share a glimpse of your world: It’s not about what you’re selling, it’s about the small details, the creativity, the preparation, the lifestyle, what makes you you. Let them see your world behind the scenes, and all that entails to make your brand possible and come alive. Share an experience not a product, for instance GoPro gives its viewers a sense of wonder, as to what it would feel like to capture a moment with a GoPro camera.
  3. Discover beauty everywhere you go: Share with folks the way you view the world around you and how purposeful it can be to them. General Electric is one to feature stunning shots of its man-made technology– capturing the symmetry of rail cars, the grandness of jet engines and the simplicity that surrounds its remote wind farms.
  4. Inspire folks to take action: Get others to share a piece of their world. Brands such as Nike and Chobani have successfully inspired folks by generating interactive communities through hashtag campaigns. Nike’s #runfree spotlights the active lifestyle of runners around the globe, and Chobani’s #creationaday hashtag has people posting photos of their yogurt-filled meals.
  5. Know your people: Take time to learn and understand what people love about your brand, and discover new ways to tap into future customer’s imagination. Mission Bicycle shares what its customers love the most, the sleek and simple design of its bicycles– here’s the curve ball– showcasing an image creatively on Instagram takes the bicycle from transportation device to a “work of art.”

What are some Instagram marketing tips you’ve learned by being part of the community?

[Image Source via: Instagram For Business]