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The World’s First “Instagram Hotel?”

By Kishore Sawh on May 12th 2014


There’s a lot of smack spoken about Instagram in our photographic community, and for the life of me I don’t get it. Sure it encourages phones as cameras, and it’s said to be the social network most likely to send you into a spiraling whirlpool of depression; That you see all sorts of fabulous lives being lived, and maybe, just maybe, your days aren’t peppered with century old aperitifs served to you as you await your private jet in Biarritz. And yes, a pretty filter does not a good photo make. However, it has its virtues.

A host of photographers have grown their audiences immensely via the medium, and it’s a great way to find new content you like, connect with photographers and models, scout locations, to build a following, and connect directly. Now it seems Instagram’s enough of a cultural phenomenon that it warrants a Hotel’s operations to be based around it. And oh, you can use Instagram to get free nights. You may even qualify already.


1888 Hotel in Pyrmont, Sydney, is known under a different moniker more well known that it’s actual name – as simply, ‘Instagram Hotel.’ It’s a ‘world’s first’ apparently, and they really are pushing it. Built in 1888, it’s essentially an antique boutique, but pushing modern conveniences. If you take a great photo and tag the hotel, you could win a free night, or simply, if you have over 10k followers you already can redeem a free night. Moreover, the hotel was caters to the Instagrammer, as there’s a ‘Selfie Space’ (shudder) in the lobby and the photo you take there will be displayed near the desk, then they have an ‘Insta-Walk’ tour of the hotel, and Sydney Darling Harbor.

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It’s a risky move, to market a hospitality lodging business off of what appears to be a gimmick. That being said Instagram is unlikely to go away anytime soon, and there have been talks of Instagram actually celebritizing members with large followers, much like what YouTube is now beginning to roll out with their major players. That being said I actually think it’s a nice idea to have hotel be ‘photographically aware.’ It would be great if while traveling, the concierge would be able to tell you where to go for good shots, or even link you into the local photographic community. A great way of meeting people too, it would seem. But clearly this won’t catch on, because speaking with people is so 1888.

PS – According to Trip Advisor, they have really good Wi-Fi.

Source: 188Hotel (Images via site)

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