Oooh, what to do with Instagram? Sometimes it’s easy to shrug it off as an application that has ANY application for the professional photographer, and then you look a bit deeper and re-evaluate and realize that, at least to some degree, professionals of all levels are on there. Not all Instagram accounts need be filled with spam, stupid selfies, or rubbish pictures of food as many who hate the App tend to think. They use this sort of talk as weaponry to win an argument, but your Instagram profile doesn’t have to be a punchline.


I am not ashamed to admit that many of my new favorite photographers and subjects I’ve either found on Instagram, or at the very least been more able to keep up with what they do – even if I don’t put hardly anything of my own on Instagram since I’m generally private about my personal life. You see, you can use Instagram for sh*ts and giggles, and that’s fine, but just because you can doesn’t mean everyone does, and Instagram is serious business.

If you’re looking to use it for business, one of the things you may have wondered about was whether to have a separate account for your professional work and have another for your personal stuff. I have, because on one hand you may want to share who you are on a personal level and your ‘going ons’ with a particular audience but not with others, and there stands a chance that someone looking and interested in your work doesn’t care what you had for lunch. Mixing the two can be done, but infrequently done well. It mostly has a tendency to make your feed look a bit hectic, and unfocused.


I have avoided having two separate accounts to date, however, due to the fact that there was no relatively simple or timely way of switching accounts without logging out and back in. That may not seem like much, but it can get frustrating quickly, especially if you don’t want to post but to reply or simply monitor one of the accounts but generally stay in another. This is a frustration shared by many an IGer and one it seems Instagram is finally looking to remedy, and in fact, for some has already done so.


According to Android Police, Instagram has already added support for managing multiple accounts through the Android app version 7.12.0 which you can find here, or by enrolling as a beta tester in the Play Store. That being said, it hasn’t been a very wide roll out as yet and not for iOS, but one can imagine that this is something that will surely be available to all, and soon. It’s a wonderful addition that should’ve happened a while ago, but now will free you from third party management apps and hopefully have your IG use be more personal and or more work focused.

Source: Android Police