Keeping our creative mind alert and sharp is one of those unique challenges for all of us. As a fellow photographer, I often wonder, how do other people keep their mental tool boxes full of great ideas and concepts ? Each week, to help us “Be Inspired”, we will pick a creative artist, talk about why we find them inspiring, followed by finding out a little bit about what makes them tick!

Rebecca Litchfield SLR-2

This week, I wanted to share the work of Urban Exploration & Fashion Photographer Rebecca Litchfield. Based in the heart of London, Rebecca is quickly creating a wonderful community of like-minded photographers in “Urbex Photography.” Urban Exploration photography is the exploration of usually abandoned ruins of man-made structures

It takes dedication, passion, and in some ways, fearlessness, to get up and go to some of the places Rebecca has been and this is the reason that I find Rebecca inspiring. In short, it is the passion behind the need to create that is Rebecca’s most valuable lesson for me. Back in 2009, I first saw Rebecca’s work when she was shooting for designer Samantha Cole. I saw the darker undertones that now show though in the crossover from fashion to Urbex. Following a photographer’s journey for so many years has encouraged me in my career as it gives me comfort that my own work can grow also.

This is a screen grab Rebecca posted to Facebook to show her travels and the lengths she goes to in the search for her fantastic images.

Rebecca Litchfield SLR-1

Rebecca was kind enough to answer some questions for us.

What would your dream shoot be?

My dream shoot would be Lana Del Ray at Angkor Wat in Cambodia, wearing Alexander McQueen. No tourists allowed, but maybe the monks could be part of the shoot.

What are your top tips for photographers?

  • Personal projects rock, never stop doing them.
  • Every year push yourself to do or learn something you hadn’t done before.
  • Open your eyes to the world, there is beauty even in the darkest unexpected things.

Who inspires you?

  • Ansel Adams for his outlook on photography in general
  • Tim Walker for his imagination
  • Sally Mann for her love of death
  • My Mum

My mum inspires me the most, she has had so many illnesses throughout her life, but yet she stays positive, strong and most of all never stops smiling. She’s a true inspiration and reminds me that you can achieve anything.

I also find being around photographers inspiring, in general. However, it is hard to pinpoint just a few as so many people have differing special talents. I try not to look to much at other photographers work, I’d rather just be inspired by things around me and the world.

Rebecca Litchfield SLR-3

I think I’m more inspired by films then photographers. Is that weird? And for so many different reasons, too. There’s a scene in Blade Runner that inspires me to color my images  while the film. The Cell inspires the dark, but beauty inside my work.  Pans Labrinthe is a great source of the fantasy, surreal elements. You could say, photos don’t inspire me, films do. I’m trying to create film scenes in my work, I think.
Rebecca Litchfield-2 Rebecca Litchfield-3

You can check out more of Rebecca Litchfield’s photography at

Also check out her book, Soviet Ghosts, on Amazon.