Keeping our creative mind alert and sharp is one of those unique challenges for all of us. As a fellow photographer, I was wondering, how do other people keep their mental tool boxes full of great ideas and concepts? Each week, to help us {Be Inspired}, we will pick a creative artist, talk about why we find them inspiring, followed by finding out a little bit about what makes them tick!

{Be Inspired} by Rebecca Litchfield in last week’s interview here.

Neil Snape 650-1
Images from Neil Snape’s Portfolio

Neil brings a sheer sense of luxury and glamour to his work through the use of lighting and mirrors that is inspiring.

Many of his images are NSFW though, so be aware when you go check out his portfolio.

The images below show beauty and use color to grab and hold your attention. They are quite bold – sensual and sexual without being over the top. Being able to create images like this is a dream for advertising agencies who want to seduce people into a brand.

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Neil shoots with Broncolor lighting and is a big fan of continuous lights such as the LTM  HMI Fresnel & Tungsen lights. However, he also is a master of natural light.

Neil Snape SLR-1

Neil Snape SLR-2
Shot for Cartier by Neil Snape

With a career that began in engineering, Neil transitioned early on to follow his passion for photography. He relocated to Paris (from Canada) and began his assent in the beauty and fashion industry. Snape has collaborated with major publications and luxury brand names.

What would your dream shoot be ?

Neil: The shoot that has eluded me is to shoot beauty on location in the tropics for an extended stay. Limited team, great make up and hair. It could be one or more models, the important element is intimacy.

Top Tips for Staying Inspired:

  • Do something new. Something you haven’t tried, say video, continuous light, daylight, flash, whatever it is that you don’t do.
  • Simplify. Take away everything you can. Then, take away a little more. The purity will allow inspiration to live the moment
  • Go out, go to a show, art gallery, theatre, or just out of your space. Find magic in others and where you are, whether that be light, art, or culture.

What Image Inspires You?

Neil: The image below taken by Meisel will do, but also, these two reference pages about Steven Meisel. He has only given two interviews in his entire career.


The epitome of fashion is the cumulation of not only all the years experience that Steven Meisel has, but that of his collaborators. His pictures always have the balance of technical, strength of character, a story well told and sublime elegance with lots of folly thrown in. The details are there, yet has its place. He adores women, it shows, and he always gives his subjects room to be the centre of his works. What inspires me is his understanding of the total package, humanity, women, styling, painting, and story telling in a modern retro classic way that makes history each and every time.

To see more of Neil Snape’s work: {NSFW}

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